Decision made
Wednesday January 28th 2009, 4:48 pm
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What the Humira did for me was to stop the endless, intense nausea that had me on two meds for it and asking for more as a dose would wear off. It’s gone. That alone was worth the Humira yesterday.

What has been amazing to everybody all along is how very little pain I’ve been in, given the state of that colon.  They press on my abdomen, going, Does that hurt? And almost always the answer is no. (With me gleefully thinking, and I know whyyyyy…. Prayers.  All those prayers.) Every now and then a twinge, but given what’s going on!  One doctor even told us that it is noted in my chart, “Patient looks deceptively well” as a warning to the team not to dismiss the seriousness of it all.

After a discussion with various doctors and my Dr. R in particular today, the decision is made. Surgery. I can’t wait. The thing will have an end.  Since I have never had any sign of any Crohn’s anywhere else, I won’t have to be on immunosuppressants anymore.  Dr. R feels it will essentially cure me.

And THAT is a miracle!

(Ed. to clarify: my particular Crohn’s has always been caused by LE cells from my lupus. I’m not a typical case. Those LE cells never showed up anywhere else that Crohn’s might.)

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Hugs and stitches, sent your way.

Comment by Laura 01.28.09 @ 9:42 pm

Alison, I wish you the best of all possible outcomes and an end to your suffering. Keep thinking of all the beautiful and colorful yarn out there for you to knit. You are in our thoughts.

Comment by Evelyn Bareno 01.28.09 @ 9:54 pm

Praying for God to hold you and your medical team in the palm of his hand, through surgery and recovery. And to a stronger, healthier you after it’s all over? Halleluia!

Comment by Linda L. in WI 01.28.09 @ 9:58 pm


Comment by Amy 01.28.09 @ 10:01 pm

Alison, my peach. Catching up with your news today as DH and I have both decided to go back to school starting this semester. It has been a very busy couple of weeks. I’m glad to see that there is a decision made that will make your life easier, more enjoyable, livable and pain-free.

Sending you lots of love and hugs, and still praying for you right along. Hang in there, kid, you are much loved.

Comment by Lynda Sorenson 01.28.09 @ 10:41 pm

ahhh, i always knew you were unique! now we have medical proof! seriously, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Comment by marti 01.28.09 @ 10:51 pm

You have the most amazing attitude and you deserve every miracle that happens to you. I love how you see the good in people and situations that are often hard to discern. You really are an example to follow.

Still sending love and prayers and looking forward to seeing a happier, healthier you soon.


Comment by (formerly) no-blog-rachel 01.28.09 @ 11:09 pm

(((((Alison))))))your a super trooper:)Darcy

Comment by Darcy 01.28.09 @ 11:21 pm

Hi Alison, Sorry I missed a few days, but I was in the hospital myself. I thought about you while I was in there, believe me!

I am happy to read that things are looking up, and to see that you feel positive about what comes next. You know I am continuing to think of you and pray for you. Take care!

Comment by AmyS 01.28.09 @ 11:48 pm

You know the saying “it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.” I’m delighted you’re getting so much kind helpful “oil” from your medical team without having to “squeak!” As others have said, your attitude is amazing. Staying positive and hopeful can only make your recovery quicker.

Comment by LynnM 01.29.09 @ 1:14 am

I love *good* news on a Thursday morning! Will continue to pray for you and your surgical team as they replace your colon with a semicolon. [Sorry; couldn’t resist.] Big hugs from TX.

Comment by Lynn 01.29.09 @ 3:39 am

Pouring more good thoughts and prayers your way, of course. Having a course of action and a firm decision made must be an incredible relief. Let us all know the very minute you can eat Scharfenberger again. No chocolate ordinaire for you, my dear! Only the very best. May God hold you, your family, and everyone working with you, even closer to His heart in this time. Love you so much, Dear One…(((((hugs)))))

Comment by Paula 01.29.09 @ 4:07 am

“Dr. R feels it will essentially cure me.”
Those are very good words to see & hear.
Thank you for sharing that with us, and as always we’ll be praying.

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 01.29.09 @ 5:45 am

Oh my goodness.
I have so much to do today that I barely have time to read all the comments, and then I will be away all weekend starting tomorrow, with no internet access.
Please don’t start any funny business like getting worse, while I’m gone, you hear me??
Plus also tomorrow is my birthday and I would very much like to celebrate knowing you are OK.

I bet they’re pumping you full of good nutrients and stuff to get you ready for surgery.

Tomorrow 2pm eastern time will be the last time I can check in with you before Sunday night. I hope the surgery isn’t until Monday. There, now I’m making you wait for my own convenience! 🙂

Hugs all around!!!! Love you lots.

Comment by karin 01.29.09 @ 6:20 am

All manner of things will be well :-}

Comment by Diana Troldahl 01.29.09 @ 7:23 am

I’m still interested in the friend who had the colonectomy and is now young and vibrant. What a cool side effect! I hope it does that to you too, Alison. In the meantime, I hope they’re pumping you full of nutrition and blood, and maybe packing you in mothballs.

Comment by Laura 01.29.09 @ 7:29 am

You’re content with the plan, so I am too. Prayers continue, as will your healing. Look out Stitches West!

Comment by Channon 01.29.09 @ 7:36 am

We will keep praying. If this surgery would get rid of those darn carpet beetles it might be worth it, eh.

Comment by slimsdotter 01.29.09 @ 8:04 am

A decision! Great! We’re all
supporting you in your next step!
Good vibes coming your way!!

Comment by Sue H 01.29.09 @ 8:45 am

A plan is a good thing. I’m thinking of you.

Comment by Stephanie 01.29.09 @ 8:45 am

Cannot wait to hear that you have gotten through to the other end on all of this. I continue to send healing thoughts your way.

Comment by Meg 01.29.09 @ 9:30 am

Sorry we couldn’t talk but a moment earlier. I thought you should know that Julia, my little writer, is starting a story and dedicating it to Aunt Alison. I think it’s about dragons and trolls. We continue to pray for you each day.


Comment by morgan 01.29.09 @ 10:03 am


We’ll be praying for you. It sounds like this will take care of a lot of issues!



Comment by Nancy 01.29.09 @ 10:36 am

I love reading the comments from all of the people whose life you have enriched! God really now knows how special you are by the amount of prayers being said on your behalf! Whoever suggested the inspirational book from you was right. You have been through so many experiences that would have crumbled an ordinary person. But not you.

Hugs and calm healing thoughts being sent your way……..Rena, again!

Comment by Rena 01.29.09 @ 10:53 am

A plan is what you needed. I wish you a speedy recovery. ::hugs:: and best wishes!

Comment by Alicia 01.29.09 @ 11:20 am

Big hugs and the best of luck!!!

Comment by Monica 01.29.09 @ 12:48 pm

Okay, another addition to the thank-you prayer list, and another to the request list. Not that God doesn’t have time to listen to all the requests, but I think it’s good to pad the thank you list from time to time. Your upbeat tone on the blog is so encouraging to hear, and I pray that all we hope for you is also His will as well.

Comment by shadylady1216 01.29.09 @ 1:20 pm

Best of luck, Alison. A colostomy can be a blessing. I have a friend who had one in her late 20’s due to intractable ulcerative colitis. She is happy and healthy. She raised her own kids and several foster children all while wearing a pouch. No one ever realizes she has one unless she tells them. She says it was the best decision she’s ever made in her life.
May it work as well for you.

Comment by wunx~ 01.29.09 @ 3:47 pm

Sending my prayers out for you as well, for your healing and the cure that this procedure _will_ bring.

Blessings and *big hugs*

Comment by lunacie 01.29.09 @ 4:13 pm

Oh, wow. Alison. I wish you all the best. Big big hugs to you. I can’t wait to see you at Stitches!!!

Comment by Romi 01.29.09 @ 4:18 pm

Essentially cure you. What an absolutely wonderful thought.

Comment by RobinM 01.29.09 @ 4:47 pm

It sounds as though you are very confident in the surgeons and outcome of the surgery, that’s great. Going in with a good attitude can go a long way toward healing. Prayers will continue to be said and you will be on our minds much in the coming days as you go through the surgery and the healing process after. {{{{{Alison}}}}}

Comment by Shelly H 01.29.09 @ 5:00 pm

Hope it goes well–good surgeons with steady hands. Can’t have crohns ulcers in what isn’t there, so it will be a cure for that. Wonder if the immunosuppressants have been warding off the Lupus in other areas that don’t “qualify” for the Humira (or Remicade.) I’m praying that it all goes well for you. [Richard–post for her to tell us how it went!]
Love ya!

Comment by Karen 01.29.09 @ 6:17 pm

No more Chron’s, that is indeed a miracle.
Thinking good thoughts for you.

Comment by Mari 01.30.09 @ 8:44 am

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