Curlicues and smiley faces
Monday May 19th 2008, 3:57 pm
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amaryllis making a fish face yesterdayDid it again. (As always, don’t miss the captions.)

I think this is like how, when I was a kid, I picked up the habit from my friends for a time of dotting my i’s with smiley faces, practicing a great deal on the sides of my notebooks so they wouldn’t look like grimaces. Sometimes I added curlicues sprouting off all kinds of random places on my letters as if to pull attention to the words themselves, wanting to shout visually, I wrote this! I put language into effect, I made this marvelous tool of writing carve beautifully ornate statuary out of my thoughts, come see!

that same one, today

Oh. Wait. That’s what a blog is, too. Never mind. Well anyway.

I often, when I get to the end of a shawl, leave the cast-off, just the cast-off, to do the next day. I have no real reason for that. It’s as if it were to flourish and curlicue and smiley-face it into an exclamation point: I did it! Look at this, totally effortless!

As if the one final row were what creating the whole of it had been about or the whole of the effort involved. C’mon. I can’t fool me, not that easily.

Mother of the Groom shawl, Camelspin in UVOr maybe it is that I don’t want the shawl to have any whiff of a slogging, endless grind attached to it. Rather, to have it be like a young girl holding it over her head, running into the wind with it Superman cape-ing behind, or her twirling around and around with it till she gets dizzy and falls down laughing, the silk turning into a landing parachute settling down around her.

I think I’ll run the last end in tomorrow.

The End.

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SUre looks like you like cutting it close! The shawl is beautiful, I cant wait to see it blocked and you wearing it!

Comment by Danielle from SW MO 05.20.08 @ 5:05 am

I love watching flowers bloom…

Your bind-off another day actually makes sense. I tend to either rush through it, or resent it, because it stands between me and a finished object. I might just have to try your method!

Comment by Channon 05.20.08 @ 6:06 am

On larger projects(i.e. shawls), I also often wait to the next day to bind-off. That way, I have a fresh eye and rested hands to do a proper job of it. I love the color of your shawl and, as Danielle mentioned, I can’t wait to see it blocked…

Comment by Mary Jane 05.20.08 @ 9:55 am

love the color can’t wait for the finishing photo!!!!

Comment by grace 05.20.08 @ 12:11 pm

I love the rich color of your Mother-of-the-groom shawl! Can’t wait to see the pattern!!! 🙂

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 05.20.08 @ 2:13 pm

*Happy Sigh*
Loved that final image of the shawl as wings :-}

Comment by Diana Troldahl 05.20.08 @ 3:28 pm

that is a beautiful color – can’t wait to see the modeling pic of it 😉

Comment by rho 05.20.08 @ 6:25 pm

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