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Tuesday March 25th 2008, 10:51 am
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I laughed out loud at the beginning of this video in recognition, thinking, were all dorm rules the same everywhere? I was warned in advance by my older siblings that the only cooking-type appliance that was going to be allowed in my college dorm was going to be a popcorn popper. The hot air poppers were yet to start appearing on the market in ’77; we’re talking the old-fashioned kind. Getting a popcorn popper was a rite of passage into college life. Plug it in and warm up some emergency-rations Campbell’s soup (remember when Campbell’s was pretty much all there was?) on a snowy night when the cafeteria was closed.

So I got me one. There was actually a small closet on the floor of the dorm where we were required to keep them, near the elevator door, I suppose to help the firemen get quickly to whatever idiocy some kid was likely to commit. I don’t remember anything else being stored there except vacuum cleaners. Build a room for popcorn poppers. What a concept to take to an architect.

I read a BBC article by a British journalist commenting on the amusing insanity that is the presidential election season in the US: like the campaign workers in one town in Iowa getting campaign funds to buy up all the snow shovels in town, so the other side wouldn’t have access to them, and volunteers using them to shovel out anybody whom they thought was going to vote for their candidate that night, bad weather not being allowed to get in the way. Of their side.

But one thing the guy wrote made me go google, and yup, it’s on video. What he did with his popcorn popper in college. I can’t imagine ADMITTING to it, much less *doing* it. Here, go see for yourself.

(Edited to go directly to the YouTube page.)

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I’m a bit younger, and was still allowed a hot pot and a hot air popcorn popper… No critters were cooked in either though.

Comment by Channon 03.25.08 @ 12:27 pm

Yea, Zeus! And people have actually voted for this man? Yikes….and a big old eeeeeeeuuuuuwwww…..

Comment by Paula 03.25.08 @ 1:20 pm

Yikes. To each their own, I guess.

Comment by Amanda 03.25.08 @ 2:23 pm

When my son Richard spent two years in Alaska, he discovered that there is a “roadkill” hotline. If you hit something large, like a moose, you call and they come pick it up, butcher it, and use the meat in soup kitchens. Of course, being Alaska, it has been kept well chilled. My son never hit a moose, but once a moose broadsided him. Fortunately it was in a truck, so the moose didn’t take him out. He did once hit a large bird. He stopped and made sure it was dead, not merely wounded and suffering. He had driven on a short distance when it occurred to him that it might be good eating, but by the time he turned around, someone else had already picked it up. However, Alaskans do insist on fresh roadkill, and they use real cooking implements.

But just in case anyone wants to try it, Joy of Cooking, at least my older edition, does tell you how to cook a squirril.

Comment by Laura 03.25.08 @ 4:14 pm

When I was in college, they supposedly banned popcorn poppers (I had one, though, and no one ever fined me for it), but we were allowed hot pots. I did artichokes and pasta and all sorts of things in mine. I just never thought anything wasn’t possible in it. Tricky, maybe, but not impossible.

Wouldn’t do squirrel, though. Ick.

Comment by Carina 03.25.08 @ 6:02 pm

I remember my father looking closely at a description in a menu in a restaurant in Florida when I was a kid: Brunswick stew! We had to try that! As we were eating it–and it was very good–he explained to me that true traditional Brunswick stew was made with squirrel meat. The one we were eating, however, had chicken instead.

Not that I minded.

Comment by AlisonH 03.25.08 @ 6:12 pm

Hmmmmmmm, Fried Squirrel inn a popcorn popper. Sounds good to me, but then again i grew up in the backwoods. We didnt eat much game at home (my mom doesnt like it) but at friends houses we did every so often!

Comment by Danielle from SW MO 03.26.08 @ 6:50 am

How funny…Fried squirrel sounds interesting. I think I’d stick to the soupb but, hey, if I’m hungry enough…. 🙂

Comment by Tracy J 03.26.08 @ 10:45 pm

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