Baby blessings
Sunday June 24th 2007, 8:24 pm
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Remember that game of telephone we all played as kids?

We drove down to Saratoga today for the blessing of a cousin’s baby at church. The hubby’s aunt has a dear friend, Louise, who has been at all the big family parties: the weddings, the baby showers, you name it, always helping out with an impish smile and energy and a way to make you laugh, and I just love her.

Yeah well. Richard talked to his aunt on the phone one time recently, and then told me, She says her friend Louise got diagnosed with scleroderma–and poof, died, just like that.

Now, autoimmune stuff would hit close to home already, but Louise?!? But she was perfectly fine last time I saw her!

People sometimes go fast with the autoimmune stuff, he reminded me.

I quite grieved over that one. I only saw her maybe once a year at most, but that makes absolutely no difference in how you feel about a person.

Okay, so, here we are arriving at the chapel down there, I’m just getting out of the car, opening my door and beginning to stand up. When, just then, I look up to see someone coming dashing over to greet an old buddy-in-law–me. LOUISE???!!!!????

Yeah, it turns out it was Lois who died; one of the cousins straightened out the details for me later. I have no clue who Lois is, and I’m quite sorry she’s gone, but but absolutely thrilled for Louise and thrilled for me. Louise, of course, had no idea why I was so speechlessly happy to see her, and I wasn’t about to say. All she knew, was, I was just really really really happy to see her, too.

Ya think?!!!!!!!

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Yaaaaaay! That’s wonderful! (Not so much for Lois, though, eh?)

Comment by Romi 06.24.07 @ 10:59 pm

That is so classic. sounds like something I would do, mess up names. Poor Hubby, I bet he was sorry.

Comment by kellie 06.25.07 @ 7:36 am

I’m sorry for Lois, but I am glad Louise is okay.

The penguin is adorable!

Comment by Alison 06.25.07 @ 2:49 pm

Poor Lois!

Comment by Adrian 06.25.07 @ 5:39 pm

Wow — sorry for Lois – glad for Louise – booo hisss on scleroderma though 🙁 too familiar with that sucker with a family member.

Comment by rho 06.25.07 @ 6:38 pm

Pain and joy all mixed up together in a mishmash that you almost don’t quite know what to do with. Life is funny sometimes. Rho, best wishes to your family member from way over here.

Comment by AlisonH 06.25.07 @ 8:53 pm

Oh my gosh! Is it awful that I’m sitting here laughing like a hyena? That was a funny story! (I’m sorry Lois died, but I can only imagine the look on your face when Louise walked up to you!)

I’m on a slow internet connection in our rental condo, so I’m not going to comment on each post individually, but I wanted to say hello!

Comment by Amanda 06.26.07 @ 7:15 pm

But it IS funny! It’s okay to laugh!

Comment by AlisonH 06.28.07 @ 12:01 pm

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