FOs vs. new projects
Sunday May 27th 2007, 5:26 pm
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imgp2584.JPGI agreed recently with another knitter that often, on a large project, there’s this sense of loss, almost grieving, as you finish the cast off, run the ends in, and put the thing aside. That that loss gets in the way, all too often, of starting in on the next project, no matter how much you feel you should get going and get a move on with it.

That got me to wondering why it should be so. Today, looking at the stitches on my rosewoods, I saw it: I have done so much work on this shawl that every minute I spend on it now tells me how much I’ve accomplished. Tells me how much the recipient is going to love it. Tells me how lovely this pattern is with this yarn and how much I love looking at it and seeing it all coming to be. How much I love anticipating the moment–even if I’m not going to be physically present–where its new owner exclaims over something dyed and envisioned and knitted up just for her.

The moment I put it aside I’ll be working on another one that is just as important to me to get done. But it’ll be a bare ball of yarn and sticks, possibilities rather than accomplishments, at the start.

I think I’ll go do the yoke on the next before I finish this one last repeat on the periwinkle.

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I have “seperation issues” when it comes to giving away my knits. I can do it, but there has to be a significant time lapse between the finishing and the giving away.

Comment by Marlene 05.27.07 @ 5:54 pm

Sorry I haven’t commented in a few days, my bloglines was not receiving a feed!

Like the new look of your blog.

Comment by Amanda 05.27.07 @ 5:58 pm

We moved the blog off Blogger and the whole site off our homeserver to an offsite commercial one, because ours could no longer handle the traffic. That means all the old links are broken, I’m afraid.

I’m still trying to figure out how to get the pictures to come out the right size on WordPress.

Comment by AlisonH 05.27.07 @ 6:47 pm

It’s ironic…I am the opposite of you. I love starting a project and am more than ready when it’s over and I can start another.
I still pour loads of love into what I’m making but about half way through I am ready to move on.
Maybe that’s why I love to make socks. One is done and I’m ready to start the other one.
It’s it cool that we are all so unique!!
Your writing is so soothing and blissful. Thanks Alison…I needed you on this Sunday afternoon!

Comment by Sheila E 05.27.07 @ 6:49 pm

Hi, I like the three scarves at the top if your blog. Have you posted the pattern for them yet? I know this is a little late posting but read about your fall which reminded me of mine. I was going across the den, got my foot caught in Michael(husband)’s soldering iron cord. I spun in a graceful 180 arch, fell flat of my back and grazed my thigh on a box as I went down. Two days later the thigh was black as midnight, sore, and swollen. That was three weeks ago. It’s over discoloration and most of the soreness but still has knots in it. But, at least, I was gracefull! The cats loved it.
Ann in Dallas

Comment by Ann Carpenter 05.27.07 @ 9:55 pm

Hi Alison,

Tag, you’re it! Check my blog for details.

Comment by Janknitz 05.27.07 @ 10:38 pm

Hi, Alsion. I kind of feel both happy and sad when I finish. Sad if I really had a great time knitting it, happy about the accomplishment. It’s a mixed bag.

PS. Not sure if 4 pounds of dye will be enough ;)but it will keep me busy for a little while. I finally don’t have to be stingy and I can Play!

Comment by Tracy 05.28.07 @ 12:49 am

Just a quick comment to say “Fancy New Digs; I like!”

Comment by kristine 05.28.07 @ 6:19 am

I love the new look! It looks great. I’m usually in the camp of excited to start a new project and thrilled to be done. Only a few times have I been sad that it’s over! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend.

Comment by Allison 05.28.07 @ 8:49 am

I love the feeling of finishing a project, and being able to devote more time to other projects or start new ones!

I like your new space.

Comment by Rachel 05.28.07 @ 9:09 am

Thank you, everyone, and thanks, Jan–but I gotta say, you’d never succeed at limiting me to telling seven things about myself.

Ann, the scarves were doodles, but I’m sure you could find the stitch patterns in Barbara Walker’s stitch treasuries, which I personally feel every knitter should have: they are the springboard to all kinds of creativity.

Comment by AlisonH 05.28.07 @ 11:45 am

Everything you say is true for me too on these large projects. But you also must include the intimacy with every inch of the yarn, from the winding to the knitting. You develop this whole relationship with the yarn, and then it just ends so suddenly with that last cast-off stitch.

But I never seem to have any problem to get the next large project going!

Comment by Arlene 05.29.07 @ 7:51 pm

Recycle Michol has a picture of a scarf a friend had knitted out of her (Michol’s) hand spun and a friend of mine admired it. Not needing a brick to hit me in the head more than once, I asked RM where the pattern had come from. She directed me here. Thank you for the pattern. I’m sure my friend will treasure it once I get the yarn spun, dyed and knitted up. A beautiful pattern.

Comment by Vicki Hughes 06.03.07 @ 9:22 pm

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