Cinnamon bombs
Thursday February 01st 2007, 8:39 pm
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Making a multi-berry crisp, hey, where’s the cinnamon.

Oh, that’s right…

And as I walked towards the bedroom closet, I suddenly remembered the question I got lobbed at me yesterday that I’d forgotten to answer: surely I’d never had to deal with moths? I never seem to mention them?

One of my children for Valentine’s one year gave me a heart-shaped ornament made from a baked paste of cinnamon and water; I wonder how many Costco bottles it took for the six middle-schoolers (they’re in their third year of college now) to make those for their moms (I wasn’t in on it, the gift was a nifty surprise.) Something to make their kitchens smell nice. And maybe to induce them to make multi-berry crisps by sheer Pavlovianism.

I eventually tucked mine away in a drawer, along with a neglected angora sweater.

No bug has ever touched anything in that drawer, even though angora is moths’ very, very favorite food. Oh! Come to find out cinnamon is one of those things, like lavendar and cedar oil, that repels buggies; one of these days I’ll have to figure out just how to make more of those ornaments. Meantime, I’m taking the lazy way out and leaving a Costco jar of cinnamon with the half-lid left open in the back of my closet. Carefully. Right there next to the cedar chest, with everything woolen in heavy-duty ziploc bags, sometimes bags within bags, cedar, cinnamon, and lavendar notwithstanding. To back that up, I’ve got the tennis-racket mothzappers pictured way back in the beginning days of this blog–$2 at the hardware store, snap’em up if you find one.

My vacuum broke once and I borrowed one for a day from a friend who had wool-to-wool carpeting. Where I parked it, out came… So now my friend knows, after exclaiming to me, THAT’S what carpet beetles look like?

Like innocent little lady bugs that forgot to put on their red dresses for the party?


Nope! Oh no, I’ve never had a problem with moths… (Listen, y’all, I had one get in through the screen in the bathroom, that couldn’t find its way around the plasticized curtain, so it chewed a perfect round hole through it. Round=carpet beetles, random chomps=moths.)

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I did not know that about cinnamon. Maybe I need to toss a few cinnamon sticks in with with my stash 🙂

Comment by Alison 02.02.07 @ 7:18 am

Making cinnamon/applesauce ornaments is very easy and straight forward. It’s simply equal parts of cinnamon and applesauce mixed together, shaped and allowed to dry on wax paper. You can add other spices or even glue if desired. I’ll have to make some to keep with my stash!!

Comment by Karen, MN 02.02.07 @ 8:38 am

I think (although it sounds like it would smell heavenly) I’d keep out the applesauce, just to make sure the sugar content didn’t entice anything.

Comment by AlisonH 02.02.07 @ 10:08 am

Hi Alison. Just coming out of the lurking woods. (Hmm that sounds a bit creepy. Sorry!)

I think I have carpet/wool beetles. I am not sure how they managed to come and visit me. How do you deal with them? I do vacuum and change the bag frequently. Proetein fiber items are now in baggies although from time to time I run out of ziplocks. I can’t find anything on the net outside of contacting a pest control firm. Sadly it’s not in the budget. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Comment by Anonymous 02.02.07 @ 11:26 pm

I wish I had a good answer other than bag everything in as thick a plastic as you can, and anything that looks bad, put it in the freezer, or outside to freeze if your climate cooperates. Alternate between warmth and freezing so the eggs will think it’s spring and hatch but then freeze to death before they can do any damage.

Me, I’m waiting for my house to need tenting for termites like the neighbors have had to do; I figure, that’ll get’em. I have no desire to do mothballs. They work on the insects’ nerves, and I don’t have any neurons to spare.

Comment by AlisonH 02.03.07 @ 12:03 am

Thanks for the idea! I have a bunch that we made for Christmas a few years back, but I’m ready to make some more with the kiddos…. great info!

Comment by carole 02.04.07 @ 5:52 pm

Ooooh! I’ve got about three big jars of Costco cinnamon that I bought for an art project the kids and I never did. Maybe I need to find it and put them up in the sewing room.

How do you ever get to play with your yarn if it’s all entombed in plastic?

Comment by Michelle 02.04.07 @ 6:56 pm

The yarns in the big blue Rubbermaids in the closet have a tendency to be neglected forevermore. The ones in the ziploc bags set in big baskets, being easier to see and easier to reach, tend to get rotated through on a regular basis.

Comment by AlisonH 02.04.07 @ 7:55 pm

Ants don’t like cinnamon either. You can put down a line of cinnamon and they won’t cross it, a strange sight.

Comment by aedevaux 02.05.07 @ 8:15 pm

Huh. Curious. I did not know that. I knew that you don’t have to use insecticides on ants, just plain old soapy water: they breathe through their skeletons, and soap clogs up the pores and they suffocate.

Comment by AlisonH 02.05.07 @ 9:04 pm

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