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I was wondering what the stitch count repeat was for your embossed diamonds pattern was…I wanted to make a shawl using this stitch pattern.

Comment by Melody 01.22.08 @ 6:27 pm

The basic pattern is 10+1, plus the stitches of the ribbing on the side for the afghan.

Comment by AlisonH 01.22.08 @ 10:40 pm

Okay, I have another question…lol. Do you have the pattern for the tidewater variation written down somewhere? I really love the look of this one and would like to make a shawl using the pattern. TIA!

Comment by Melody 02.01.08 @ 9:32 am

Yes, it’s there in the description, how much ribbing I added to the sides and bottom. That’s the only difference.

Comment by AlisonH 02.01.08 @ 10:42 am

We “spoke” a month or so ago concerning a shawl on your blog. It was a gift, I belive a group of women all all added stitches and prayers for a cancer warrior/patient. At least I think it was your pattern. I loved it and can’t find the link. My oldest niece is preg., due in sept. I would love to make one as a nursing shawl. She is very modest and what I remember would be perfect, HELP! Katie

Comment by Katie 06.05.08 @ 10:21 pm

I just made my very first lace shawl from your Wrapped In Comfort book. I took your advice and made “Julia’s Shawl” out of Noro DK and it is AWESOME!!! I was soooo excited to be able to make something so special and fancy looking when I consider myself a beginner. I really appreciate you taking the time to “write out the directions.” I have a hard time with charts and usually end up translating them first. Your directions are beautifully written and I appreciate everyone who helped make this book. I would love to see another book like this one. I have LOTS of sock yarn (but only 400 yards) that I would love to use for shawls. Do you think you could design a 400 yard shawl using sock yarn? I LOVE to have one!! Keep up the wonderful writing, and again, many thanks. I purchase “Pure Silk” by Debbie Bliss and I’m making “Julia’s Shawl” for my Mom for christmas. She will be thrilled with it!! My best to you and your family!!

Comment by Sharon Ford 08.03.08 @ 7:59 pm

Hi Alison, I was wondering if you were going to be going to Stitches East (2008) this year. I would just LOVE to meet you! Oooh, I really, really hope so!
Lisa W.

Comment by Lisa 08.03.08 @ 9:53 pm

I saw your photo on the Harlot blog today and thought “I’ve got her book!”. Valerie (from your Women in Business group?) gifted me an autographed version of your book last year. The knitting world is vast, yet connected in subtle ways.

Comment by freecia 10.07.08 @ 4:46 pm

Got your comment on my blog about the row keeper bracelets. I’m not sure if any of the vendors will have the bracelets at Stitches East. Have you tried one yet?

Comment by Debbie 10.15.08 @ 3:43 am

Hello, Alison!
Thanks for leaving the comment about my sweet chinchilla. Nellie and I have grown close over the 6 or 7 months we’ve had her. I should do an update on the blog since she’s turned out to be such a good pet. Anyway, I bet chinchilla fur would be awesome to spin but they don’t shed much, only when they are nervous with someone trying to catch them, then their fur comes out like trying to get away. We got her, cage, supplies and all from a family who was retired and wanted to travel. She’s 8 years old and we hear they live to be aroune 25 years old, so it’s a bit of commitment!
I was so nervous and tripping over my tongue when I saw you at Stephanie’s signing last when, October? in Santa Rosa. I’m such a basket case!
Hope you are feeling better and they find something that will work for you–easier than chemo. Rest up and keep writing books!

Blessings to you,
Karen B

Comment by Karen Bennetto 01.05.09 @ 12:35 am

silly question, what does ssk stand for in the rabbit tracks pattern?

Comment by deb R 03.27.09 @ 11:48 am

Slip the next stitch as if to knit, twice, and then put the left needle into the fronts of the two stitches and knit them together that way.

There’s a how-to-knit-lace-stitches section at the beginning of my “Wrapped in Comfort” book, with verbal and pictorial instructions, if that helps any; it’s what I went looking for and couldn’t find back when I was trying to teach myself how to do lace.

Comment by AlisonH 03.27.09 @ 12:00 pm

Hi Allison,

We met at Stitches East, but I am sure that you wouldn’t remember me. I love your patterns and especially the stories that accompany them.

Rancel,my husband and I have a large garden and we are big on compostng. Last Friday, when I took some scraps out to the compost bin I nearly covered a box turtle with them. He was sitting there eating a chicken bone that had found it’s way there.

My very first thought was Karen’s Shawl and it’s story. That turtle has been there every evening since I first saw him. Now, everytime I wear my Karen’s Shawl I will think of my box turtle as well.

I wanted to thank you for sharing your patterns and the stories about them. Those stories make your patterns special in deed.

Joy Evans

Comment by Joy Evans 07.13.09 @ 4:52 pm

Marnies scarf was just what I was looking for–and I got it all on the needles, and the first 16 rows done–did you mean to start the next pattern sequence with row 4?

Comment by Ruth Lekson 08.12.09 @ 3:23 pm

Hi Alison! Mel did quite a bit of experimenting and came up with a moustache mug design he likes for your dad. The colors came out beautifully! What shall I do with it? AND how are you?? Please drop me a line! Kris Kunihiro

Comment by Kris Kunihiro 11.10.09 @ 11:01 pm

Dear Alison: I recently got your Wrapped in Comfort from the library and would like my own personal copy. I am a very slow, erratic knitter! I cannot obtain it loacally (Vancouver, BC Canada) and I understand from Martingale that it is out of print. Do you happen to have any spare copies lost in a dark corner or under tons of extra yarn. I am always losing books this way. I am always claiming to have returned a library book only to find it under 20 others. Oops! I hate sending messages this way as they go out to the ether never to be heard from again. Ok, here goes anyway.

Comment by Mahara 01.18.10 @ 5:54 pm

Hi Alison.
I recently purchased Malabrigo Worsted yarn from the Yarn shop on a recent holiday in Long Beach Cal. Is there any one in the UK that stock your yarn or can I get an e- mail order from you. It’s great yarn so lovely to knit with.

Comment by Lynne Webster. 10.30.10 @ 1:57 am


Have been reading your book “Wrapped in Comfort” the last couple of evenings! Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your stories! They are touching and your shawls are more meaningful because of them! I look forward to knitting one hopefully after I finish the Christmas presents that I am knitting. Your patterns are lovely! Thank you for sharing them! Thank you for your beautiful book! I am enjoying it so much and just wanted you to know! Hoping your health is allowing you good times with family and friends and lots of knitting! Thank you for being so generous and giving! Take good care and blessings to you and yours! Gratefully, Debbie

Comment by Debbie 11.27.10 @ 9:17 am

How much yarn is required for the Embossed Diamonds pattern. Thank you. Looking forward to
making the afghan.

Comment by Phyllis 10.25.11 @ 4:06 am

Hi Alison..I was just wondering what type of yarn you used for the Embossed Diamonds afghan and can I purchase it in any craft store that sells yarn? what is the color called. Also just to get things correct, I repeat rows 1-16 for the length of the pattern which is for how ever long I want to make it.. thank you for any help you can give me.

Comment by Joanne 01.31.12 @ 9:16 am

Hi there, For the embossed diamonds afgan I cast on 161sts. So I have 5 on either side. Pattern worked out perfectly until row 12. The repeat stops after the knit 2tog.What do I do? I recounted and went over the sts. twice and no mistakes. Thanks

Comment by Kathy 02.06.12 @ 2:25 pm

I am trying to Knit a smaller version ofyour lovely emboss diamonds blanket for my Neice. I have cast on 109 stiches and am on row 4 and after 4 attempts I still have a stitch left at the end. Any clues where I am going wrong. Is 109 viable?

Comment by Christie 09.12.12 @ 11:26 pm

Hi, Alison. I just found Marnie’s scarf, and love it (found it on that site which re-named it – what cheek!) I want to make it wider for a friend to wear at her wedding – in icy blue. But what struck me even more than the beautiful pattern was the story. I have a nearly identical story of my lovely best friend Paula who came every single day for 9 weeks when I was bed bound with a serious injury. She washed my hair, we learned to knit together (well, she learned to knit in about 30 minutes, it took me much, much longer!), she made my lunch and kept me company. took care of my kids along with hers. I loved seeing your story and being reminded. Paula’s gone now, but I cherish having such a best friend. Hug your Marnie for me! Michal

Comment by Michal 05.19.13 @ 1:23 pm

I was trying to do your strawbery afagan, do you not have have better pattern than this , with th complete instructions ?

Comment by keitha friesen 03.30.14 @ 2:51 pm

Oh Alison, I am in love with your book, Wrapped in Comfort. I cannot believe I didn’t purchase it years ago. The only way I could get it was to go through Amazon’s used books. I do have a question before I decide which of your shawls I will knit first. The back cover says that one can knit half circle shawls from the patterns. How does one convert a full circle shawl into a half circle shawl? I have knitted many shawls but have only used half circle shawl patterns. Can you help me? While I wait for your response, I will continue to read the stories that accompany each shawl and marvel at your designs. Very sincerely, Susan

Comment by Susan Adams 10.30.14 @ 5:12 pm

I would like to make your lovely Rabbit Tracks Patten but a bit wider. What is the pattern repeat as I’m a novice lace knitter.


Comment by Sherry Curr 02.28.15 @ 11:46 am

I love the Bigfoot Shawl ..where can I purchase the pattern other than the book?

Comment by Jean 11.15.15 @ 4:16 pm

Am trying to knit the strawberry shawl. Having difficutly after the first 5 rows… xo I k it these 5 row unitl I have 80 stitches, the continue with… yo, k2, ssk.yo, k2tog, k4, across, then on to the next two right side directions, and are these rows repeated 5 times?
Maybe it is my lack of english, but… do you mean by having done 5 strawberries, meaning the first 5 rows, I then do yo, k across a wedge, for as many rows until wedge has 60 stitches?
other ? * stands for s1, k2tog, passo, only place I see * is in rows 2 and 3 … is this where I should do this?


Comment by marianne 04.08.17 @ 9:15 am

I saw your strawberry shawl post about a week ago and bought your book thinking it would have your more current pattern in it. I can’t seem to find where I originally found it now. Any suggestions? I’ve looked on Pinterest and Ravelry

Comment by MARY L PICKEL 08.03.19 @ 2:39 pm

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