When your coffee mug isn’t big enough?
Tuesday August 29th 2023, 9:56 pm
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A random question: why would you sink a narrow staircase with a sharp turn in the middle of your kitchen? (Here’s the Redfin link in case the Zillow one balks.) Okay, it was their house, they can do that, but–why, why, why, would you have cabinetry that can only be accessed via standing with your feet likely unevenly on those stairs? Not from the other side? Why would the things inside those cabinets, whatever they are, be very big and very heavy for one person to easily carry, much less while on that staircase, and it looks like they’d need to be filled (how?) and emptied and cleaned constantly. I’m assuming they’re for coffee making for a large AirBnB crowd? But what a setup.

If you tripped on the stairs would you pull boiling water over on you? Paging Agatha Christie. You do not want me in that kitchen.

I mean, I’d put melangers and ten pounds of chocolate conching away in each, and they’ve definitely got enough counter space to pour it all out afterwards. I’ve seen meat smokers like that, but certainly not inside.

The small lake is enticing, the stark black and white color scheme depressing, and. Man. That kitchen.

I do not understand.

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The photo is deceptive. Look at the floor plan, there is access to the cabinets behind the bar. Still, the staircase in the center of the kitchen is odd, it could have been easily placed along the wall. An odd space for sure.

Comment by DebbieR 08.30.23 @ 7:32 am

There is a stool right beside the staircase. I am having all sort of feelings about someone falling off the stool down the stairs. I find this design features very scary!

Comment by NGS 08.30.23 @ 7:42 am

The photos really do not show that odd layout very clearly, do they? I agree that it seems very dangerous. And don’t get me started on having a hammock over the water, unless the intention is that you fall in every time you try to get in or out.

Comment by ccr in MA 08.31.23 @ 8:11 am

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