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Saturday August 12th 2023, 9:50 pm
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Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco is where we learned about Manoa Chocolate in Hawaii: they were cheering on their friends at the new start-up and highly recommending what they were creating and the cacao farms they were helping get established there.

Manoa was in my inbox this afternoon. Like Dandelion, they email quite sparingly so it is notable when they do.

I’ve never tried their mango chocolate bar–but I’m going to now, because they are donating 100% of its proceeds to Maui relief. 

I ordered a few other bars to help with their shipping costs, particularly given that it’s August–I know how careful they are with that process. I’ll also just mention that, as someone who likes dark chocolate, their chocolate hazelnut spread is better than anybody else’s anywhere–we have done side-by-side, spoon-by-spoon taste tests to verify that, with calories and much mother/daughter glee and laughter–and it is always asked for for Christmas now.

I don’t know if it’s the volcanic soil or what, and granted, I normally only order the plain bars without additions so that’s the context to take this from, but man, their chocolate. It is the best.

(I wonder if the mango powder came from Haydens. Our Pearl Harbor survivor friend Jean is from Hawaii and misses her perfect Hayden mangoes, which grew there. I’ll have to ask.)

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I shall have to dig in my piggy bank to see about ordering some of this delicious chocolate.
I haven’t checked yet whether they will even ship here. Let’s hope my budget stretches.

Comment by Chris+S+in+Canada 08.13.23 @ 7:04 am

Hi Alison–

Thanks for the support. It helps. I am fine, I live in Kahului, which is away from the three fires. My house is fine, we have water and power and all that. Containment is taking a while, and the clean up is going to be incalculable. What happened is something I don’t have words for, and I’m not sure words exist for what happened. Loss of life is going to be much much, much worse than the 93 we now know, and the rebuild is going to be astronomical.

Be well,


Comment by Lisa 08.13.23 @ 11:08 am

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