Daydreaming of conditioners to take out the tangles
Monday August 21st 2023, 9:38 pm
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Actually, this first picture is much cleaned up.

My sister’s been posting on FB about how much she loves her barn, how cool it is that her house came with one, about learning the history behind barns in her new town–she’s having a ball.

She has no idea how much happiness she’s creating out of the simple chore of untangling all those strands: every motion and moment feels all the more meaningful and I am loving this and her so much.

Okay, so: I have a set of two doors that are going to be 20 rows high and take up eleven stitches between them, the outer two and middle of which are white, so, the red is 20 high and 4 across per door. They each need a single long top-to-bottom criss-cross of white. There was absolutely no viable way to do that knitted into the pattern.

I’m thinking a crocheted chain quietly tacked on as unobtrusively as possible, though it does give me pause that a sewing thread against a tender strand of cashmere might cause trouble down the line. I could just attach it at top and bottom via the yarn itself, but then washing and toenails would catch at the loose parts between. My first experimenting trying to crochet it into the back as I go was instantly frogged.

A package came Saturday: a three-pack of supersoft but not expensive wool and cashmere crew socks, nice and thick.

I explained to Richard, I have some of those and learned to buy the men’s because they’ll shrink a bit but I bought them to keep in the tote the afghan will be coming in: anybody who comes near that thing with bare feet has to (cross that out) gets to put on a pair of thick cushy socks first.

He rolled his eyes and chuckled. As one does.

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Why not embroider the white lines after? (Loosely, so it stretches with the barn.) A chain stitch would match style of the knitting, and the underside would just be backstitching – nothing to catch toes on.

Comment by Anne 08.21.23 @ 10:04 pm

No more tangles, no more tears! If only Johnson’s baby shampoo worked that way on knitting.

Comment by ccr in MA 08.22.23 @ 9:19 am

Another idea: Can you untwist the yarn and use a single ply to sew down the chain? I don’t know how many plies it has, so this idea might not work. You might have to add a bit of twist to the ply for it to be appropriate for sewing.

Comment by Margo Lynn 08.22.23 @ 9:34 am

Can you crochet the diagonal lines *onto* the barn? Pick a knitting-loop (or two) as the next loop to crochet into?

(I’ve had success with this; obviously then those v’s are not lined up with the knitting v’s, and it’s one layer thicker wherever you do that, but it behaves itself pretty well. There’s also the “embroider on with the same kind of yarn” option, but that stretches a lot less.)

Comment by KC 08.22.23 @ 9:45 am

She’s going to love having 2 barns! I like KC’s idea, crocheting the line right onto the barn with the same yarn. Good luck!

Comment by DebbieR 08.22.23 @ 10:28 am

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