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Tuesday May 03rd 2022, 10:04 pm
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I read the leaked Supreme Court draft and I think I just need to take a deep breath about that for the moment. I will say that it unconstitutionally establishes by the power of the government one religious viewpoint above others. They picked and chose what historical context they wanted while pretending anything that contradicted them didn’t exist.


I’d found a few new spots (one of which, it turned out, was indeed termites–directly above this computer, so that one was easy to spot) and with our five year warranty the guy was here again. Just him, not the rest of the crew this time, but he noted the work that had been done on the house during the repairs since he’d been here. It looked nice and he was quite pleased about that and happy for us.

I told him there was this one corner where there had been a bag of soil leaned against the siding that none of us had thought to move and check behind–and the repair contractor had found a bit of termite damage but had assured me it was all gone when they replaced that part.

He wanted to see the spot. I took him outside to it.

He tapped on the wood here, here, here, over here, and then again just to be sure: it was solid. Everything was good.

But he pointed to tiny ants scurrying to where I’d first pointed: “Those are carpenter ants. You’ll have to call a pest control company.”

I looked at him a moment in astonished amusement, started to laugh, and then waving at him said, “I did!”

That stopped him for a millisecond as he considered it from my point of view because yes that did seem reasonable, but–and then he explained that they used to, till the state changed the code and required a different license for termites vs ants and rodents and the like, and they didn’t have that license, they just do the one job now.

He also explained how the Eichler houses with their planked ceilings are a particular target for those ants, but said spraying around the base of the house should take care of it, and cut away any trees overhanging the house.

I explained that we had after finding raccoon paw prints on the cracked plastic skylight in the master bath. Another reason why we now have frosted glass ones–I didn’t want that one coming through!

He laughed.

Inside, there were a few places where quite small spots of paint were peeled away on the ceiling. Near where a couple of those cracked skylights had been.

The ants had done that, too, he explained.

So, if you ever need incentive to organize your house, get termites. The crews need to be able to see everything. But don’t put it off.

He’ll be back for the annual inspection in July.

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Comment by Jayleen Hatmaker 05.04.22 @ 6:28 am

Oh boy. If it’s not one thing, it’s six.

I am angry and afraid for women in the US. Especially since unwanted pregnancies are caused by the very “men” who are going to be putting women at risk. Just can’t wrap my head around it.

Comment by Chris+S+in+Canada 05.04.22 @ 7:27 am

My goodness! One thing after another.

Comment by ccr in MA 05.04.22 @ 8:56 am

The SC draft is strictly about power. Men overpowering women. I’m worried that this is just the beginning of their agenda. So sorry the ants and termites haven’t been eradicated yet. Hopefully it’s not a huge hassle, but the organizing effort will pay off. I always find surprises when I move stuff around.

Comment by DebbieR 05.04.22 @ 9:18 am

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