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Wednesday January 06th 2021, 11:36 pm
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Well, that was a day that started off really well–and Ossoff and Warnock’s victories in the Georgia runoffs meant that suddenly Mitch McConnell was making the kind of speech this evening he should have been making his last thirty-plus years in the Senate, calling for bipartisanship and appealing to history and our country’s ideals. Now that he’s finally losing his Majority Leader status.

And after he and those around him had fled for their lives from the rioters (Klobucher, looking at her phone: “Shots fired”) invading the Capital.

After they hustled all the Senators, aides, and reporters present into a secure spot–whoops, it’s not, they’re in there, too, go in over here now–someone realized that Tammy Duckworth wasn’t with them because her wheelchair can’t do the route they took. They sent someone to rescue her from the office she’d had to barricade without legs, with a specific phrase from Sen. Klobuchar to let her know it was okay to open the door. She did indeed get rescued.

Props to the Parliamentarian’s aides who said, Help us grab the electoral votes! in the middle of the craziness. Big heavy boxes.

Note that Trump replaced the head of the Capital police last year, that some of them were taking selfies with the rioters and that there is video of a few of them moving the gates out of the way and letting the rioters in. Note that when Mayor Bowser asked for the DC National Guard to come to their aid, she was denied.

Whose signature was on the order for them to come after all?

Mike Pence’s.

Pence has zero authority to–


–unless he’s already signed another paper. Article 25 puts him instantly in charge if they invoked it while they were all huddled down there. Wouldn’t even need the Cabinet in that case.

One can only fervently hope.

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One can hope. It is time to end all this. Too much damage can be done in two weeks time.

Unfortunately, those who did this violence have said they will be meeting again Thursday morning.

Comment by Anne 01.07.21 @ 2:11 am

McConnell: Too little too late.

Comment by Sharon Stanger 01.07.21 @ 9:24 am

I want to go back to the days when politics was more boring than this. I certainly hope they are getting the 25th ready to go.

Comment by ccr in MA 01.07.21 @ 10:27 am

Yes, he needs the cabinet…Congress comes into it only if and after the Pres. disputes the finding…(read up on this today) and I doubt that the person on the other end of the call would tell the VP he didn’t have authority, or at least not say it for more than a moment with the VP’s retort that he was being shot at. It’s so hard to see all of this.

Comment by Marian 01.07.21 @ 8:10 pm

What an incredible day. I deeply, sincerely hope we never see the like again in our lifetime. Days like that make it very difficult to be a Social Studies teacher. I spent my day yesterday moderating discussions in my classes, just trying to keep my students respectful of each others’ opinions, and reminding them that we need to heal from this somehow; that the “us v. them” language is what got us here in the first place.

I wonder if there are even enough Cabinet members left to support a 25th Amendment action, now that they’re starting to resign in droves?

Comment by Pegi F 01.08.21 @ 4:57 am

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