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Thursday November 19th 2020, 11:35 pm
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Someone was passing around a video of a stoat kit playing on a trampoline yesterday. Cute baby animals and all that.

And I woke up this morning with the thought of, that’s it! That’s the description I’ve been looking for for so long!

It was twenty years ago this month when someone grossly speeding and oblivious destroyed his car, mine, did significant damage to the car in front of me, and wrecked my sense of balance. Visual and muscle feedback is all I have to go on. Old news, long since adjusted to. But it has its weird moments and I’ve wanted a quick way to try to convey how it is and why when needed.

We have an old guy at church (the dad of one of my college classmates, actually) who likes to greet his friends by coming up behind them and clapping them on the back with one hand and then shaking theirs with his other as they turn in response. He’s sent me flying several times because, not seeing him, I didn’t anticipate the movement to brace against it and where up is got rearranged for a heartbeat. It was…a bit noticed. This is not how you’re supposed to do crowd surfing. It did happen twice. Bless him, he’s learned. (Sudden thought: we’ll see if he still remembers when we get to meet in person again.)

So. The now-obvious description: it’s like being on a trampoline! The surface you’re walking on all looks the same and flat but something moves and you find yourself tilting this way or that or staggering. You could be in the center where it’s the bounciest or at the edge near the springs and that affects how much where others move affects how much you move but even so anything can happen.

A good bounce from behind when you thought no one was there and whoa!

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I can’t even imagine! You have managed to cope and persevere (even flourish) with several complications that would completely overwhelm most of us. Bravo!!!!!!! I’m always impressed.

Comment by Jayleen Hatmaker 11.20.20 @ 7:00 am

Oh, how disorienting that sounds! I hope having the analogy is a helpful thing to you.

Comment by ccr in MA 11.20.20 @ 11:35 am

Total fun for the stoat kit. He sure bounced himself right off!
Totally no fun for you. My husband has almost no balance because of a foot injury. But nothing like yours.
You’ve mostly adapted, you’re pretty awesome!

Comment by Chris S in Canada 11.20.20 @ 4:39 pm

Having an accurate but concise description can really help other people to understand your situation.

Have you actually been on a trampoline since this happened? My preferred system at my age is to sit in the middle while the grandkids bounce around me.

Comment by LauraN 11.20.20 @ 10:49 pm

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