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Monday March 12th 2018, 11:07 pm
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So the recipes both said 4 c water or broth to one 2-2.5 lb corned beef in your standard 6 qt Instant Pot.

The meat was a 3.5+ lb, thanks, Costco. The machine was an IP Mini, 3 qt. I did get the whole slab in there–but there was no way on earth that much broth was following after.

Pours in the second cup of broth, slowly, carefully, right to the tippy top of that Max line on the inside. Oh, you’re not supposed to actually fill up to that? (Then why is it there?) Too late. I consider. I could just throw it in the oven and let it take its standard three hours. Nah, don’t have the time, I need it in two.

(Hits presets. Machine says 1:00. Adds 30 for it to cook 90 minutes. Wait, did I do that right?)

Comes back 40 minutes later and I guess I cooked it for one minute and it’s been warming for 39. Joy. Or was it actually cooking and I only saw the Warming button because it’s on anyway when the cooking’s going, but there’s no steam venting out. Resets the whole thing to start over from scratch. Confirmed by pot being unable to get back to countdown right away even though I didn’t open it. 90? Make it 110. Still no idea if I’m way overcooking it but undercooked could be far worse. Adds twenty minutes yet again to be on the safe side: that was a big roast.

Since there was no room for the veggies, they simmer in the rest of the broth on the stove. They come out palid, no surprise, because all the spices are in the Instant Pot. Checks spice cabinet. Nope. Not combining that with that.

Comes back when the time is finally about up anyway wondering if something is burning? Uses oven mitt to do an Instant Release to stop it because that sure beats wrecking all that food after all this wait and oh right I forget just how much of a mess that makes and I quickly throw the mitt half over it and the boiling geyser that ensues anyway makes every knife in the block on the counter next to it a greasy dripping mess, and how do you get beef fat out of the holes down inside that wood? And why did I leave it there?

Waits for the pin to drop. Pin drops. Lid willing to come off now.

Slices and scoops and serves dinner to a very very very patient husband at 7:45 who did not even look for snacks while all this was going on.

The surprise? It’s about perfect. And the cabbage and potatoes didn’t soak up fat and salt like they do in the traditional version, they’re much better. Pour grease off broth and broth over veggies for flavoring on top of meat as desired. Done.

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I often cook corned beef for use at lunches for me. I do have it for dinner occasionally. The recipe is much as mum used to do. What I buy is about 1.5 kilos, around 3 pound. I don’t follow instructions, I am a seat of the pants type cook. Put meat in saucepan which has a decent lid. Half a cup of vinegar. I use apple cisder, malt, red wine vinegar,whate3ver takes my fancy from cupboard. Several tablespoons of darkest brown sugar I can find. A couple of whole onions if liked.Top up with water till meat is covered. For that size piece of corner topside, I bring it slowly to the boil, turn down to very low and cook two hours. It can be used then if you must but I turn heat off and leave meat in liquid for several hours. Wrap in. Foil or covered glass container and refrigerate overnight. Next day I slice it all up into glass container. . It is very moist and so easy to grab a few slices and some prepared salad for lunches. A piecethat size gives me generous meat for two weeks at least. Have just ordered another bit.

Comment by Jan 03.13.18 @ 12:15 am

Do you have left overs? Can we come over? I’m supposed to make that in the slow cooker today, to be ready when I show up back from work.

I have my suspicions of my own capabilities….

Comment by Afton 03.13.18 @ 4:11 am

Leftover corn beef fritters are delicious

Comment by Jan 03.14.18 @ 3:12 am

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