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Sunday December 17th 2017, 12:16 am
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I just spent some of my blog-writing time reading the owner’s manual of the Speed Queen washing machine which I do not yet own. I’m only interested in the mechanical-control models, despite the company’s heavy pushing of the electronic ones; one reviewer says rumors are that they want to discontinue the plain but enduring knob-only type. I’m thinking maybe I should simply go get mine while I can.

Washing machine sales are up 35% in five years and you know what? There’s a reason for that. Less competition, more corner-cutting, and a whole lot of unhappy customers, and the grandson of the Whirlpool founder in Congress (hello Rep. Upton in Michigan) is making himself richer with the push towards tariffs on other brands.

The American-made Speed Queens cost more up front but they cost a lot less over time. Plus our electricity bill would go down with the clothes needing a lot less time in the dryer, any dryer.

If our repairman doesn’t find a used motor soon to justify keeping our Whirlpool limping along, there’s no point in throwing more money at it, and maybe not even if he does if it means losing out on my chance to get something I know could last as long as either one of us.

For now, I can only do half loads spaced widely apart.

One big chunk of change and then done. It’ll probably have to happen soon.

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