The fallout
Saturday December 09th 2017, 10:25 pm
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What I didn’t mention yesterday was that at one point as I helped hold the washing machine tilted back while Mike worked, my foot started to slip out from under me while his hand and the edge of his head were or at least had been underneath that thing. I gasped, “Watch out!” as I grabbed hard at it in horror.

At the time, I caught it, he caught it with his other hand, nothing happened and phew, that was close. So glad he was okay! Next time let’s prop it up with something, okay? That was too close.

It took me awhile to put that together with the consequences.

Now, I have a very mild case of scoliosis, I’ve been rear-ended four times, I know the exercises one does for one’s back and that sometimes it’s just going to hurt  for awhile.

But this was something altogether new. I tried to carefully get up this morning and found myself on the floor unable to move whatsoever.  Pain I could push through, but the muscles on the right utterly refused to support my weight and I was frozen on the floor just as I’d landed, immobile. Uncross the feet? Can’t. Crawl to where I could pull myself up, Mathias-style? Not possible. They were on strike.

Y’know, this could make for a very long day down here. Bathroom. Ileostomy dressing change morning. I don’t ask for much but those were non-negotiable no matter what I thought about it.

Richard heard me, woke up, and came immediately to the rescue.

Eight years ago, I took one single Tylenol and remember it. The big Crohn’s flare that January left lesions on my liver, so on general principles I don’t touch the stuff even though it’s the only painkiller I can take.

He offered me two, from a new bottle he’d recently bought just in case–he’d just had a feeling I might need them sometime after all–and I was very glad to have them. I’d had no idea we had any. He got me an icepack. He talked me into taking the nap that I needed after last night.

The day improved, definitely. But normal looks a long way off.

I figured I was allowed one good whine about it and this is it. Meantime, my husband’s a peach.

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I hope your back sorts itself out and returns to normal soon! Richard is inded a peach. hug!

Comment by mary 12.10.17 @ 3:29 am

Good heavens woman! Get better.

Comment by Afton 12.10.17 @ 4:10 am

Oh good heavens!! Rest up and feel better!

Comment by Pegi 12.10.17 @ 5:26 am

So hoping that today is another step toward normal. Keep up the ice, exercises and Tylenol as needed. And thank you, Richard. I rarely take meds, and my MD knows it. After my last whiplash he explained that the pain meds help the muscles relax, so they can heal. So it’s not just to make you feel better, it does help the healing.

Comment by DebbieR 12.10.17 @ 7:18 am

Yow! Thank goodness Richard is there for you. And if you can’t do a little complaining on your own blog, where can you? I say, whine as much as it takes to feel better. (I mean, you’ve read my blog, you know I do!)

Comment by ccr in MA 12.10.17 @ 7:32 am

I am so grateful Richard was there to rescue you!

I pray you are feeling better and that no ill-effects have come forward from the Tylenol intake.

Please rest as much as you can!

Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 12.10.17 @ 7:29 pm

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