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Thursday December 07th 2017, 12:06 am
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Putting it off meant there were now 18 of them. That’s a lot of wool socks. I washed and rinsed them in the sink but there was no spinning them out–there was nothing for it but to squeeze each one long and hard away from the waiting ones. This after pushing myself to finish knitting that cabled hat whether my hands liked it or not (but I did it! No spoiler pictures for now.)

I asked him, Remember that conversation my mom said she had with her mom where Mom said she wished she had a live-in maid like Gram had had before the War, and Gram answered she’d have given her up in a second for a modern washing machine?

Someone young and strong to work that earlier contraption.

I told him, I want to upgrade to a ringer.

He chuckled. Then he asked about the hat: will it be warm enough?

It’s densely knit with overlapping cabled stitches knit on as small needles as as I could manage and it ate through a ton of yarn.

But Alaska. Will it be warm enough for him?

It would be if I lined it, and there’s room, I could, and that was the original intent, but even though I thought I bought extra I don’t have enough yarn left and the store in Anchorage is a bit too far to go back to. I don’t know if they ship. I do know I’m running out of time.

A contrasting color? he offered helpfully.

So what we had here was my husband working himself up to declaring that I must go to, most likely, Cottage Yarns in South San Francisco. (Whose site seems hacked at the moment so I’m not linking it.) They carry Juniper Moon Farms.

So maybe the other Christmas presents and the still-waiting afghan just got pushed further back and that hat isn’t quite so done after all.

Hopefully, having to hand wash and squeeze out every piece of clothing in the house soon will be.

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Try a salad spinner for socks and small items. Just remember to wash it thoroughly before putting lettuce in it!!

Comment by Anne 12.07.17 @ 12:54 am

The hat sounds perfect! And it might well be time for a road trip to South San Francisco… Such a good guy to help with suggestions for making the hat warmer!

Meantime, I found a wringer washer for you: It’s even electric! 😀

Comment by Pegi 12.07.17 @ 5:09 am

Oops, correction – the wringer isn’t electric. Sorry!

Comment by Pegi 12.07.17 @ 5:10 am

Team work: love it!

Mind your hands though: they are much needed.

Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 12.07.17 @ 6:30 am

You need a salad spinner for your handwashed woolens!

Comment by Anne Blayney 12.07.17 @ 8:12 am

Another wringer option–decidedly low tech. After using the salad spinner, take a big beach towel. Sandwich wet thing inside, make it into a nice flat compact rectangle, with several layers of toweling.

Stand on it, or walk back and forth, or so a cha cha. Water comes out because of body weight and gravity. Unwrap. Dry. 🙂
Also, you need a hot water heating system with radiator. We have tons, and this time of year, I pop the wet woollens on the radiator to dry, add humidity to the air, and voila, dry everything!

Comment by joanne 12.07.17 @ 9:03 am

The comment was for a washing machine AND a blender. She had five children in the days when baby food was cooked until really soft and then pushed by a spoon through a strainer. I like the option above of a salad spinner. Low tech often works great. Mom

Comment by mom 12.07.17 @ 4:05 pm

Have you considered using a salad spinner? Very effective at wringing and no parts to clog.

Comment by Susan Gulack 12.25.17 @ 5:24 am

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