Wednesday August 30th 2017, 10:47 pm
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My older son was a Mormon missionary in southern Florida, Haitian Creole-speaking, the year that area got hit with hurricane after hurricane after hurricane, and the Church told the missionaries, the Red Cross needs you more than we do–go volunteer. They did. Alright then, boys, 1500 Salisbury steaks for the grill, have a spatula.

Copied and pasted from my sister-in-law on Facebook, please share with anyone you know affected by Hurricane Harvey so that we can expand the reach of this:

Houston Friends,
Here are hotline numbers to submit work orders for help from Mormon Helping Hands. FREE assistance regardless of religious affiliation.
FRIENDS, please pass this to anyone in Houston area or any that was affected. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints along with numerous others, currently have a hotline available to submit work orders for specific need requests related to the damages and for cleanup efforts. There is no charge for these services. They are mobilizing thousands to come and help muck out homes, cleaning etc. This has been done in many cities throughout the world. Last year 5000 were mobilized to Louisiana. It may take a week or two, but bishops in the area have already submitted an estimation of homes damaged and preparation is underway.
By calling the hotline number, a volunteer will take down the information you need and create a work order and then attempt to send a volunteer crew out to help. This includes removing carpet, cutting down tree limbs, etc.
Obviously there’s still difficulty getting crews into the neighborhoods but this will allow us to start the rebuilding process, and they will come as they are able. The volunteer groups will come from LDS Mormon Helping Hands, Catholic Charities, Etc.
Hotline numbers:

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Thank you, Alison. I’m passing this along to my sister in Houston. She and her family live in the West University area, and they’ve been lucky enough to not have much damage in their neighborhood. I’m sure, though, that she knows of someone who needs help.

Comment by Pegi 08.31.17 @ 1:00 am

May the help be plenty and the comfort, warm.

Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 08.31.17 @ 5:21 am

Thank you so much, Alison. I emailed this to my friends in Houston. They were lucky, their house is ok, which means they are in a position to help others with this info… I appreciate your help in passing it along.

Comment by Joanne 08.31.17 @ 6:24 pm

I will send this to my sister in Dallas-Fort Worth. They have friends in Houston who might be able to use a little help – or might be able to add their help to the LDS groups.

thank you for this. I always wonder why it takes a disaster for many people to show their humanity – then I am reminded that there are people who do this all the time without having to think about it.

Blessings on all of the volunteers and all those affected.

Chris S in Canada

Comment by Chris S 08.31.17 @ 7:53 pm

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