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Wednesday January 27th 2016, 9:59 pm
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Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Now, I’ve raised four kids and one of the things you do as a parent is to ask them questions in the most mild tone of voice to get them to think things through. There was no one around to hear the moment’s thought though but me.

I had turned the oven to preheat for dinner, walked out, walked back in the kitchen a few minutes later and…yeah I’d left the inside light on but that doesn’t make it do…that… !

There was no smell nor sign of burning food or anything. I opened the door carefully to see sparklers and a flat hand-size brilliance that wasn’t in the shape one would expect of actual flames and I still don’t quite get what that was but I immediately turned the thing off and shut the door.

And opened it again as it seemed to calm down. There were two spots where the burner itself was white hot and bulging out. They turned a cooler red as I ran for my camera so I could show Richard what I’d seen–but they were too far towards black by the time I raced right back.

That was the upper oven. The lower one died long ago.


Glad I walked back in that kitchen just then….


Do I call the repairman? Or just ditch the whole sorry lot of it?

(p.s. Richard just looked at it and proclaimed the heating element destroyed. Thought so.)

(Second p.s.: Anyone got an 800-series Bosch double oven? Do you like it? I think Virginia’s right. I’m tired of replacing ovens every eight to ten years, hopefully theirs will last longer.)

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Sounds like time for a new oven to me.

Comment by Virginia 01.27.16 @ 10:14 pm


Comment by Jody 01.28.16 @ 4:36 am

Well DARN! Timing is everything, though – glad you caught it!

Comment by Pegi 01.28.16 @ 5:36 am

Wow, I’m glad God nudged you back to the kitchen! My vote is a new oven!

Comment by Mary 01.28.16 @ 8:37 am

Yikes! I don’t have any experience with new ovens. Still saving for a kitchen redo, someday, and dealing with a 30-year-old GE that heats 50-100 degrees hotter than it says. No, never consistent, so I’m always adjusting.

Comment by DebbieR 01.28.16 @ 11:43 am

Ours did that once – right after we’d received a big toaster oven for a gift. I think we went almost a year before we got around to replacing it!

We do love our new oven/stovetop – the old one had a bad top element, too. I hope you get a winner.

Comment by twinsetellen 01.28.16 @ 5:24 pm

Ditch it. And don’t get a convection option. I did and I never use it.

Comment by Afton 01.28.16 @ 5:57 pm


I vote for ditch it. I know buying new appliances is a pain, but it’s simply not worth the risk.

As for convection options, I love the choice of using the convection and use it regularly. Not helpful for baking, but roasting meats, vegetables, poultry it is awesome. Really really helpful for roasting turkeys and not having them turn into sawdust.


Comment by Lisa 01.29.16 @ 12:30 pm

I have had something similar happen twice (two different ovens/houses) and was able to just replace the element both times, though I really wished we could have afforded to replace the whole stove/oven unit the second time. I did manage to get pictures the second time! (

Comment by Barbara S. 01.29.16 @ 3:06 pm

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