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Wednesday January 06th 2016, 12:01 am
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My endocrinologist retired and before he left, recommended the Sweet Young Thing coming in as his replacement.

Today I saw Dr. SYT to get acquainted and go over a little medical history.

I did quite a bit of knitting as I waited in the exam room, picturing her stuck skimming through that little encyclopedia.

We talked bone densities and past steroid doses for Crohn’s and the fact that I have autoantibodies for hyper- and hypo- thyroidism and what was showing low right now (oh it is? Wasn’t, last time they checked.)

Tell me, she said: Do you feel cold all the time?

I so did not expect that. It was all I could do not to burst into laughter so loud the nurses might come running in to see what was wrong. Oh honey, asthma-attack-force guffawing if I let it escape. Oh. My. Goodness. !!! I pictured the floor-to-ceiling windows all over my house, the silk t under a silk-blend nightshirt under how many layers of blankets, including wool, and not my usual one but two handknit wool hats on for a few nights there and loose wool socks on my feet and still not being able to fall asleep for hours for the deep chill till I finally rebelled and said, Dude. Our utility bills right now are a quarter what they used to be. Can we PLEASE turn up the heat?!

Sure, no problem! It hadn’t occurred to him. It was cold?

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I find a couple of well-placed rice bags helps with the getting to sleep. I place them in about 30 minutes before getting in and then reheat a little at bedtime. Crawling into a warm bed really helps. Otherwise I will lie there forever trying to get to sleep.

Comment by Jane 01.06.16 @ 8:41 am

I can so relate!! I come home and reenact the opening scene from Mr. Rogers as I trade my winter boots for wool clogs and don a thick wool sweater (lined with fleece). On sub-zero days I will add a wool hat and half mittens. I spend the evening under a wool (hand knit) blanket. Our house temperature is set at 68 when I am home, dipped to 64 overnight (it would go lower if I would let it, but I find it very hard to get out of bed when it is cold in the house). In the past we kept the house cooler but I am not willing to tolerate being cold all of the time any longer.

That said – I recreate outside all winter (run, ski, hike, snowshoe, bike). But have invested in the proper layers to make that possible. It always surprises folks who know how cold intolerant I am that I run outside all winter long, even on the -20 (air temp not wind chill) days.

Comment by Lisa 01.06.16 @ 9:47 pm

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