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Thursday December 17th 2015, 11:40 pm
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It took picking up my fifth cookie (good thing we rolled them thin, good thing they’re not too big, good thing breakfast was a good excuse) for me to see it. Richard wasn’t raised a musician but I sure was.

Do you see it?


I sent a note off to Tatiana, the woman who had made my rolling pin, with no intent but that she should know, and she had the same surprised reaction–and wrote back quickly that she had caught that effect on other designs and had changed them as needed but had somehow missed it on that one. She would be sending me a new pin straightaway.

I wasn’t expecting that at all! But I’m in happy anticipation all over again, made all the sweeter by gratitude, that I’m going to get a new, really cool rolling pin that this time I can say I know we can and will use a lot.

I found myself flashing back to Mr. Kitto’s fifth grade classroom when he stood at the front making arm motions that we were supposed to copy for reasons I have no memory of, just the fact that his right side corresponded visually to my left side and I kept wanting to turn around in my seat to face the same way he was facing so that I could be completely sure I was echoing him correctly. I was in fifth grade, fer cryin’ out loud, I was supposed to get this by now! But looking at each other, we were opposites to each other and part of my brain knew and part of it refused to. So close.

It’s still a really cool cookie. I wonder how many people would notice? Would they guffaw? Would they be afraid they might cause disappointment if they called attention to it? Would I lay such burdens on my friends?

If the cookies tasted good? (If it’s for Jim and his family? Don’t miss that story if you haven’t seen it yet. Can you believe that kid is a senior now?!) Heck yeah! (Gleefully conspiring.) We could have fun with this before we retire the oops version.

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I saw it straight away but didn’t like to comment. I’m not usually backward in coming forward but it seemed rude and I didn’t want to make treble or appear crotchety so I quavered. 🙂

Comment by Sarah L 12.18.15 @ 3:15 am

I have to confess – I’m a singer, and I didn’t notice until you pointed it out!

Comment by Pegi 12.18.15 @ 3:54 am

It hurt my brain to see those! But then my eyes always go straight to the mistake in a field of knitted stitches too!

Comment by Jody 12.18.15 @ 5:53 am

I give up — I have no idea what the mistake is! Please explain??

Comment by Virginia 12.18.15 @ 4:31 pm

That was sort of what I meant when I said the other day it would be a great wedding present if they could get the orientation right. I could imagine cookies rolling out with the names and date backwards.

I sort of thought you’d notice too, but I didn’t think to say it in the right way.

Well, you could make forward cookies for musicians and backward cookies for folks who don’t know.

Chris S in Canada

Comment by Chris S 12.18.15 @ 5:18 pm

Virginia, the treble clef came out backwards.

Comment by AlisonH 12.18.15 @ 10:54 pm

The 16th notes did too.And I can’t see the quarter notes in the photo, but on the pin they’re correct which means that they also came out in reverse. Because all of it should have been in reverse on the pin so as to transfer frontways.

Comment by Marian 12.19.15 @ 1:06 am

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