Crosby Stills Nash and squirrel. And John Denver.
Monday August 31st 2015, 10:09 pm
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The shawl: blocked. Done. I totally love it.

Remember the bubblewrap around the awning pole to keep the squirrels from jumping onto my bird feeder? It worked for months.

Yesterday, however, the lower two-thirds of it disappeared. What was left was still around the pole–but chewed on. What on earth eats bubble wrap?! I could not find the rest anywhere.

Till suddenly in the early evening there it was running down the fence line, a squirrel tripping over it each step as it glanced sideways at me with its mouth very full, looking at me like, I *know* you want this, it’s MINE now! It leaped into the tree in a sudden panic, struggled mightily to continue, snagged the thing and gave up and fled.

Oh now that looks lovely. (I apologized to my neighbors. They laughed and said they couldn’t even see it from their side.) That’s their tree growing straight over our property in front of the redwood, and under there is the 60-year-old corrugated roof to our shed gently blanketed in decades’ worth of redwood needles. There’s no climbing on that thing–it would collapse in a heartbeat. The limb lopper can’t reach. At least it’s not at the top of the redwood.

But I guess for the moment we’ll just have to let its freak flag fly.

Meantime, we got a card in the mail from the Census Bureau, which was doing a mid-decade test to see if they could move the whole process online. And so by force of law our household was to fill out their questionnaire at this URL by tomorrow, with a phone number to call if that weren’t possible, in which case they would send out an in-person census taker.

The thing checked out and yes they were actually them so I took care of it.

Richard walked in the door tonight to find me doing my best John Denver impersonation. Sing it with me: “I Filled Out Your Census!”

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Hah! Did they have spaces to indicate all of your backyard friends?

Comment by twinsetellen 09.01.15 @ 4:31 pm

At the time of the 1990 census, one of my friends had more kids than would fit on the form, so she had to add an extra page. I went around after that humming, “You fill up the census.”

Comment by LauraN 09.01.15 @ 6:08 pm

Love it! Years ago, my son called me into his room saying, “I think you know this song.” It took a few seconds of trying to decipher the scream/singing to realize it was a British heavy metal band covering Leaving on a Jet Plane.

Comment by DebbieR 09.01.15 @ 6:54 pm

Oh my what a naughty squirrel! At least it didn’t run off with your shawl!

Comment by Andrea @ This Knitted Life 09.01.15 @ 10:02 pm

Did that squirrel flag down the Census Bureau with bubble wrap? lol!

Comment by Pam 09.02.15 @ 8:54 am

Helpless laughter. One of your best, worst puns *ever*.

Comment by Lynn 09.03.15 @ 4:16 pm

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