Tuesday March 31st 2015, 10:42 pm
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Trying to place the name, he asked me, Who’s Chris Hadfield?

I started singing Ground Control to Major Tom (I LOVE this video! It’s someone’s repost of the one that was seen 22 million times but only had a one-year license to stay up) and he instantly got it. If you haven’t read Stephanie’s post, please, do, her post is way more fun than mine!

Meantime, here, I turned the dishwasher on at 11:00 last night and we were off to bed. At nine a.m. I went to grab my hot cocoa mug out of it–and the door wasn’t quite hot enough to burn my hand but it was getting close and the thing smelled of burning plastic.

In disbelief I pulled it open and the white plastic at the bottom below the heating element was scorched.

This is a dishwasher that had previously been serviced under a recall for having burned houses down. I immediately unplugged it.

Maytag, bless them, when I called, duly noted that we had bought it according to their records in 2007 so of course it was long out of warranty. I expected an argument but instead they immediately offered to send someone out to repair it: the service call and the labor would be on them–they hoped I wouldn’t mind if we paid for the parts that might be needed?

Sounded quite fair to me. Although: I will have a tab open on the computer with their own price list/suggested retail for such showing when the guy comes. One can only hope he says it’s repairable.

So we came thisclose to burning our house down last night, and when I mentioned it on Facebook my friend India from our Warm Hats Not Hot Heads campaign (where we and others knit hundreds of hats to create a sense of community among members of Congress) said her neighbor actually did get burned out of their house a few nights ago by their dishwasher.

Mine is model MDBH945AWB (that last B for black). In case you want to go check yours. It might be a good idea.

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I’ve never been so glad to not own a dishwasher. And I am so glad that yours did not burn your house down. Whew.

Comment by Pam 04.01.15 @ 8:52 am

Ahhhh! Glad you are ok. We have established a post-twin routine that works for us and that is good because nothing is running while we sleep. After dinner, we immediately fill and start the dishwasher. Someone empties it (usually the professor) before bed. We start the last load of kid wash right during kid bedtime, at around 7-7:30. Clothes are dried before bed. No washer or dryer runs while we sleep….it is apparently a pretty big cause of fires. We have a hundred year old wooden house…and a lot of fairly sensitive fire alarms installed.

Comment by joanne 04.01.15 @ 6:33 pm

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