Sunday June 08th 2014, 10:19 pm
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We were out taking a walk this evening and went a square block further over than we have in awhile.

Someone else is living my dream. We had no idea this was there and we wondered how recently it got set up (probably very recently) but, we not only got to see one in person finally, it’s in our own neighborhood!

And it had a steady light inside so one could read the titles in the dark. Well done.

There was a couple inside the house it was in front of and it was pretty clear that, while they were trying not to be seen seeing us and we were trying likewise to respect their privacy, they were enjoying how thrilled we were.

So, so cool. And I’m wondering what titles we have that are good enough to offer up to it. (Hey, any knitters in the neighborhood? I mean, that don’t already have…because I know there are two and they do.)

Meantime, it hit mid-9o’s today and these plums declared themselves done and fell to the bottoms of their clamshells, and oh, the smell of sun-warm newly ripe fruit. I saw a squirrel looking longingly up at that tree, thwarted.

I want a bumper crop and I want to make jam and I want to leave it on a certain doorstep with a thank you note. (Grow tree grow!) Ah well. I might have to settle for something else, like, you know, knitting or something.

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“Declared themselves done.” Excellent!

Comment by LynnM 06.09.14 @ 1:35 am

Little Libraries! And fruits in clear clamshells! These are a few of my favorite things…but they didn’t make the cut for that particular song. 🙂
What a great post, Alison!

Comment by Pam 06.09.14 @ 1:43 pm

We have a little library a few block from where we are but I haven’t stopped the car to check out what’s in it, though I noticed there were more there than I had seen before. I think it’s take one, trade one, as the basis for maintaining the supply. I’m clearing out another house, but I think mine will come after that and there certainly are enough books to supply a Little Library (well, a rather large one, to be honest). I think it’s for recreational reading but everyone defines that differently, certainly. What I’ve wondered about is how they maintain it weather-proof, but we have a good bit more rain than you do, I suspect. Not sure if there’s a light in ours — I’ll have to go look one evening. Let us know what you find there and what you leave in exchange.

Comment by Susan (sjanova) 06.09.14 @ 7:00 pm

There has been a little open sided shed in Allen, Michigan for about 50 years that does that.
The books can get a bit musty here in the Michigan weather, but the delight of finding a treasure in exchange for your own is priceless.,_Michigan

Comment by Diana Troldahl 06.10.14 @ 2:14 pm

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