Secretariat, in baby alpaca worsted
Wednesday July 06th 2011, 11:17 pm
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Annnnd she’s a-comin’ round that race track for another lap. Will she start to decrease? Will she go on?  Does she have enough yarn? (We’re in the black hole here, folks, the tape’s saying 8.65″ one minute, 7.5″ the next.  You never know when she’ll pull out ahead of the crowd of stitches.)

Yes! She’s going for another round! And another! Look at that determination. And another! She’s got another skein coming if she thinks this one’s going down. Go go go!

Now, we’re heading into those last laps. It’s fair, isle say, to think she could put a plain round between every one of those decrease rounds and still have enough; what do you say? Looks like she’s going for it. GO GO GO! Almost there, almost there, allllllmoooooosttt…

…And she DID IT! With twelve grams left and a whopping twenty-five yards for the WIN!!!

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Chuckling so hard that I just might wake up the neighbors. I get that “can she do it?” feeling a lot, although it’s usually more about my checking account balance as payday approaches.

Comment by Lynn 07.07.11 @ 3:53 am

Love it. The greatest horse of my lifetime…

And that last bit of yarn is always tricky, isn’t it? I know we all fib about our weights, but I think those last few yards of yarn are the worst!

Comment by Channon 07.07.11 @ 6:20 am

Cutting it pretty close, there. How exciting! And to think that some people think knitting might be boring.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 07.07.11 @ 6:38 am

Well, darn, and I had two bucks down to place. 😉

Comment by Patricia Day 07.07.11 @ 6:43 am

you had me laughing out loud with this one — reminds me of one year we had driven to Disneyland from San Jose between Christmas and New Years and I was knitting my daughter a sweater in the car

on the way back there was an accident there by Casa de Fruita and the traffic was crawling — and we were a bit short on gas in the car — and I was knitting faster and faster to keep us moving — or so it seemed

will we see pictures of this finished item?

Comment by Bev 07.07.11 @ 8:17 am

Who else was in the race, Secretariat? Man o War? Sea Biscuit? Now if you’d quit horsing around …

Comment by Don Meyer 07.07.11 @ 8:40 am

Saratoga Racetrack, which is only about 38 miles from where I live, will be open in a couple of more weeks so I feel right at home.

Comment by Jody 07.07.11 @ 3:58 pm

Who says knitting is boring now? 😉

Comment by tinebeest 07.10.11 @ 7:24 am

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