And a plate of cookies
Sunday October 31st 2010, 10:05 pm
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“What’s this?” the little boy asked me.

I told him, “Oh–thank you!” as I took down my forgotten No Solicitors sign. Oops–maybe that’s why the early kids didn’t show.

Out of one trio, two happily took some more when I offered more but one little boy did not. I offered him again and then simply grabbed a few mini bars and put them in his bag.

He looked at me, wounded: “I already had some!”

Two more little girls. The candy bowl with the ugly green Hand of Doom which in true zombie spirit refuses to die of old age after all these years, croaks Happy Halloweeeeeeeen and AAAHHHHHAHHAHAAAHHAH! when small hands reach for their candy. One of the girls thought it was funny; the other one was scared, so I quickly held the hand down to shut it up (the alternative being to hunt for the on/off button on the bottom while absent-mindedly pouring candy over their heads in a pinata effect while I search.)

She reached carefully behind it, back there to where those fingers couldn’t have contaminated her good Milky Ways, and picked out what she wanted. I told her happily Happy Halloween and she shot me a How DARE you! look in return. Scaring her like that!

Ah well. Give her another year, and she’ll do like my daughter did: went from being terrified of the weirdness at the door I kept opening, to saying to her little brother the next year, looking eagerly out the window with him, “Here come trick or treaters. Let’s be scared!”

After an hour of quiet, I put the rest of the candy in a small box outside the door should anyone else come: winner take all. Please!


Towards the end of typing that post, I heard a car. Then a car door close. Oh good, maybe some straggler got the loot–so I went over and opened the door to see.

The box had been moved, although it was just as full: and next to it was a plate of holiday cookies with candy corn sprinkled around them. You know how knitters learn to read their stitches? I can read this friend’s baking habits.  Thank you, (name edited out)! Happy Halloween!

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I really miss Halloween and those cute trick-or-treaters. Maybe you need to keep some Peruvian Finger Puppets on hand next year for the little ones who freak out at the hand!

Comment by LynnM 11.01.10 @ 5:06 am

I love that your friend was “busted”. What a nice thing to do. No trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood….too busy, so they all go to school parties or to the mall.

Comment by Joansie 11.01.10 @ 5:12 am

I love your line about absent-mindedly pouring candy over the kids heads in a pinata effect. I can just see it. Too funny!

Comment by Mary 11.01.10 @ 7:11 am

I went to my mother’s and took a wrong turn and was suddenly in an alternate subdivision world. There were trick or treaters EVERYWHERE! Especially standing in the middle of the road looking into their buckets at the candy they just got as their parents tried to push them to cross the street. It took about half an hour to find my way out while driving at 10mph max. I didn’t mind if the fish tacos got cold, we had a microwave. I do wonder if the “bat” ever got out of the middle of the road and what exactly was the candy he hoped he got? I’m betting on snickers – they were my favorite as a kid.

Comment by afton 11.01.10 @ 7:28 am

It is “trick or treat” after all.

Comment by Sherry in Idaho 11.01.10 @ 7:43 am

love it! the kids in this neighborhood came in clumps — for about an hour between 7 and 8 then they were done — well, today is a school day, which might explain it

Comment by Bev 11.01.10 @ 8:46 am

If the cookie baker had wanted credit for his/her work, he/she would have put their name on them…:>)

Comment by name edited out by spindyeknit 11.01.10 @ 9:18 am

We got “Booed” by a neighbor – they left a treat with a note to take treats to two more neighbors, thus spreading the cheer around. Love our new house and great neighbors!

Comment by anne 11.01.10 @ 9:22 am

Giggle… Love the cookie sneak attack!

Comment by Channon 11.01.10 @ 9:31 am

Really, how dare you scare a poor little girl like that?! Tee hee…I don’t like being scared much, either. Lucky you, to check the porch just then, so those cookies didn’t “diappear” with the box of candy.

Comment by Ruth 11.01.10 @ 10:33 am

Glad you and the kids had a good time. We never get trick-or-treaters here in the park. The first Halloween that Am and I were here – 1971 – we had a bunch of treats all ready, but no one showed up, nor have any since then.

Comment by Don Meyer 11.01.10 @ 11:05 am

We don’t get trick or rewarded at our house, so we went over to some friends’ house, who live in base housing, and passed out candy like mad for Merri’s first Halloween.

Comment by Serena 11.01.10 @ 1:28 pm

Good job. Trick or treating is supposed to be a little bit scary!

Comment by twinsetellen 11.01.10 @ 7:47 pm

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