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Saturday July 10th 2010, 4:47 pm
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My husband and I drove across the Bay today to a funky import place that is emphatically a guy’s answer to my love of yarn stores to buy more tennis-racquet-style bug zappers.  Looked around; didn’t see any. (Managed not to say about all these clearly Highly Desirables, why on earth would anybody ever…? And did you know you can still buy those cap cages to run your beloved baseball cap through the dishwasher for cleaning when your wife’s not looking and exclaiming ewww? You could be, like, all domestic and stuff!  Are you ecstatic yet?)

I was thinking, you bought these how many years ago, dear? But while he kept looking, I did the not-a-guy-thing (Richard later said something about almost compromising his masculinity and trying that himself–we were having a good time teasing each other) and I found someone who looked official and asked.

Oh, sure, we have those! And the guy disappears in the back and comes back out loaded down with like two dozen of the things, his face almost disappeared behind them.

He tells us they’re ten bucks.  Richard, who’d found me by then, goes, Nah, I can get’em with AA batteries for that much.

Oh. $7.99, then.

To which I pipe up that he (pointing at hubby) had gotten’em for two bucks each here last time. I did not mention how many years ago that had been.

“Do these things really work?”

Yeah, they do! I have all this wool around and knit and yeah, those things, they are really useful!

The guy grins. “Two bucks!”

Our old ones had had arc attacks (do not hit the furniture when flailing around with one, and I’m not talking electric arcs) and they’d died one by one.  We bought seven. Bugs shall fear me again.

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I’m pretty deadly at facing down waterbugs with a simple flyswatter. I just wish I were taller.

Comment by Lynn 07.10.10 @ 6:26 pm

Remind me never to haggle with you! I’m impressed!

Comment by Barbara-Kay 07.10.10 @ 6:45 pm

What a fun trip. And are you SURE you won’t be East soon? I think you and the Knight would be a car salesman’s worst team…

Comment by Channon 07.11.10 @ 4:41 am

I do believe my nephew was “making a taser” out of one of those this weekend. I can’t imagine it is a very strong one, or my brother probably wouldn’t let him (but with my brother, one can’t be too sure).

Comment by Barbara S. 07.11.10 @ 6:16 am

wow — glad I don’t have to negotiate with you — but I wish you could have handled my wrangling with the medical profession!

nice job (and to those bugs? Be Afraid!)

Comment by Bev 07.11.10 @ 7:55 am

Well! (As Jack Benny used to say), if you’re gonna make two postings in one day, you should give us a little warning!

Haggling? I think you guys cheat! Two against one!

Comment by Don Meyer 07.11.10 @ 10:23 am

Thanks for reminding me about these. Bugs shall fear me, too! I’m getting some as soon as I possibly can.

Comment by RobinM 07.11.10 @ 7:52 pm

We love these. Our best one comes from Bass Pro Shop, and the cottage wouldn’t be the same without! They’re great to sweep down the screen door before entering…

Comment by Sandra 07.12.10 @ 9:40 am

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