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Sunday December 13th 2009, 9:12 am
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Grow older with me, the best is yet to be.

It’s true. We’re an April-December romance.

Last night, turning off the light and tucking in, our hands reached out to each other–and we totally snagged the velcro on our hand splints and I burst out laughing.

Fifty-one years, twenty-nine married. It’s a good start.

(Ed. to add: Michelle had cocoa in the fridge with Green and Black’s Maya Gold melted into it ready for me to warm up in the morning. That child knows how to celebrate a birthday!)

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My husband and I have been together since 8th grade – almost 21 years. Although we are now mid-30’s, it amazes us how we can seem so changed on the outside, but he is still the one who I can laugh with the most. Nobody but us gets “our” sense of humor. I never imagined how despite the extra noises, extra lines, “extra” everything, he could seem still so the same to me, and I to him. It really is a blessing to have someone beside you that sees humor in a toenail fungus and hug you while delivering the punch line! We always say our senses of humor for each other and our experiences keep us from curling up and crying with covers over our heads!

Comment by Andi in WI 12.13.09 @ 9:22 am

And happy birthday…St.Lucia day to boot!

Comment by Andi in WI 12.13.09 @ 9:23 am

Happy Birthday! Maya’s is tomorrow as well. It’s a good time to be born 🙂

Comment by Michelle 12.13.09 @ 9:38 am

Happy Birthday! Andi reminded me I have saffron and cardamum in the cupboard I need to use, but your daughter’s cocoa sounds like the best way to start another trip around the sun!

Comment by LynnM 12.13.09 @ 9:38 am

Happy, happy birthday!


Comment by (formerly) no-blog-rachel 12.13.09 @ 9:54 am

Happy Birthday!! We’re almost birthday twins. Mine is the 13th(I’m assuming your birthday is the 12th). I’ve got you beat by a few years-16 to be exact. Today we’re celebrating and all my kids and grand kids are going to be here. Life is good.Cheers, Hazel.

Comment by Hazel Smith 12.13.09 @ 10:16 am

Beautiful – especially the cocoa already waiting for your morning celebration!

Comment by Channon 12.13.09 @ 10:45 am

Catching your hand splints – how funny. My hubby and I cracked up the other day when we both rose from the dinner table with a groan.
If you are 51 today, the 13th, you are my brother’s birthday twin. I’m off to phone him right now.
Have a wonderful birthday!

Comment by Julie 12.13.09 @ 10:53 am

Hey Happy Birthday!! Sounds like a great start to a good day 😀 Enjoy…

Comment by Cathy (catsandyarn on Ravelry) 12.13.09 @ 11:09 am

Happy birthday–and many more!

Comment by Lanafactrix 12.13.09 @ 11:27 am

Happy Birthday! Remember now, all stitching & no housework on a birthday – or any old day you feel like it for that matter 😉

Comment by TripletMom 12.13.09 @ 11:29 am

Happy Birthday! 🙂

Comment by Kristine 12.13.09 @ 12:12 pm

And another Happy Birthday! I see that it IS the 13th. Birthdays — just keep ’em coming!

Humor –

Sign on a small truck: Gene’s Hauling — Satisfaction guaranteed, or double your trash back.

“Hello, nurse”, said a Rabbi phoning the hospital nursing station. “I got a call saying a patient wanted to see me, but I’m not sure which patient it was.” The nurse was clueless, but took a wild stab, walked into a room, woke the patient and asked, “Did you request a Rabbi?” “No” answered the patient sleepily, “ I ordered the chef’s salad.”

Comment by Don Meyer 12.13.09 @ 12:29 pm

Happy Birthday, dear friend. May you celebrate many, many more.

Comment by Barbara-Kay 12.13.09 @ 12:31 pm

LOL! Sounds familiar. And the cocoa sounds delish!

Comment by Diana Troldahl 12.13.09 @ 12:55 pm

Thank you, everybody! Hazel, Julie’s brother, Karen, and Camille–we are birthday quintuplets. Anyone else? Happy birthday!

Comment by AlisonH 12.13.09 @ 1:42 pm

OH! Happy, happy birthday!!!!
And congrats to you and your Tech-y Mon on the many, happy years together. Yay!!! 🙂

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 12.13.09 @ 1:49 pm

Happy Birthday:)Hugs Darcy

Comment by Darcy 12.13.09 @ 2:23 pm

Your family definitely loves you. Another day for the wonderful famly memory book.

Comment by Joansie 12.13.09 @ 3:19 pm

Happy, happy birthday to you! I just had the fun of calling my brother for his 50th…Tee heee…I love being the youngest now, although it wasn’t so fun back then. 🙂

Comment by Ruth 12.13.09 @ 6:14 pm

Happy! Happy! Happy Birthday, er…plus a day! You do have a wonderful daughter, what a treat! Ah, yes, the growing older together is still fun. Smailes to all.

Comment by DebbieR 12.13.09 @ 6:57 pm

Happy Birthday to you!!! Hope your day has been happy all day long.
Best wishes,

Comment by Abby Baker 12.13.09 @ 7:05 pm

Happy Happy Day! Is Maya Gold the kind with a hint of cinnamon? If so, that’s a kind my DD loves, and can’t find anymore. What a great way to start a birthday!

Comment by Joyce in NH 12.13.09 @ 8:13 pm

Happy birthday! 🙂

Comment by Jocelyn 12.13.09 @ 10:32 pm

Happy belated birthday! May you have many returns, each more enjoyable and filled with more love than the previous!

I guess that’s why we had the unexpected snow fall yesterday: the skies were dropping confettis on us in your honour. 🙂

Comment by Suzanne in Mtl 12.14.09 @ 6:52 am

I burst out laughing too! What a great moment.

Happy Birthday!

Comment by Momo Fali 12.14.09 @ 8:33 am

Hippy Hoppy Happy Bird Day two ewe! (or belated bird day?!)

Comment by Joanne 12.14.09 @ 9:09 am

Happy birthday dear Alison, sorry it was so late, wishing you a wonderful year ahead!!

Comment by grace 12.14.09 @ 9:15 am

Happy birthday ::hugs::
Ha got a chuckle out of the velcro. I used to get told they looked like boxing gloves. Pretty cool that you guys BOTH have em on, just in case…

Comment by Alicia 12.14.09 @ 3:03 pm

Happy Happy Birthday, Alison. (Sorry I’m a day late!)

Comment by karin maag-tanchak 12.14.09 @ 3:09 pm

Happy, happy birthday, Alison! 🙂
I had to laugh about the hand splints. I wear one as well and almost knocked my dear husband unconscious with the thing last night when we both rolled over toward each other at the same moment and my splint clonked resoundingly against his head. Oops…

Comment by Shirley 12.14.09 @ 6:40 pm

Oh Happiest of Birthday wishes go off to you Dear Lady! What a blessing you are to all of us.
I know this is a bit late…however…I couldn’t be happier sending it!

Comment by Sheila E 12.16.09 @ 8:23 am

Happy Birthday, belated now, but meant just as much.

Comment by twinsetellen 12.18.09 @ 10:12 pm

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