Jay’ll bait
Thursday May 21st 2009, 4:55 pm
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imgp7649First thing I saw this morning from here was a bluejay hopping around on the ground around E.’s hydrangea: planted and a solid part of the landscape now.  You could just see its wheels turning: too light and way too low to perch on. What’s the point of this? Who’s messing with my yard?

And then, after flying past the porch a few times to get its bearings, it divebombed. Richard had put the birdfeeder together and had hung it last night.  (It may have helped that I offered to do it and he visualized me with my balance and his drill in hand while trying to use it on something way above my head.  He could reach the awning easily and without falling over. The deed got done.)imgp7658

Nuts. Missed.  Annnnd… missed again!  The jay thought about it a moment and tried a gentler approach: fly a little slower and try to land on the green perch this time.

The feeder twirled, the jay’s wings flapped wildly, it just couldn’t get its feet where it wanted, and it gave up.

It has not been near it since.

The folks at the Wild Bird Center said the feeder’s for songbirds and is squirrelproof but I didn’t expect it to be jayproof!

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That’s funny! The blue jays in Ohio are quite mean. . .and determined! It sounds like they are pretty good entertainment in your neck of the woods, too!

Comment by Pam 05.21.09 @ 6:42 pm

Great! The bluejays, though quite colorful, are so nasty. They have to be the only ones at the feeder, will be so busy chasing everyone else away that they forget to eat. Will have to check on the availability of that feeder here in Vermont.

Comment by Joansie 05.21.09 @ 6:55 pm

First somebody messes with his yard then someone else puts out food he can’t get to. It was time to move on. lol Don’t worry; there’s plenty more birds in the trees. 🙂

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 05.21.09 @ 7:03 pm

Last year Amalie and I were at a restaurant in Cupertino next to a golf course, and they seated us near the window where there was a hummingbird feeder outside. We almost forgot to eat, we were so fascinated with these little creatures. Seemed as if they didn’t even land at the feeder. Just hovered and ate, uh, drank.

Comment by Don Meyer 05.21.09 @ 8:18 pm

You had me laughing through the whole post to cute;)Hugs Darcy

Comment by Darcy 05.21.09 @ 8:51 pm

Poor Jay’ll Bird. It is not easy to do a B&E.

Comment by Henya 05.22.09 @ 5:57 am

Yay! I haven’t liked bluejays since childhood, when a particular aggressive one would hold our cat off while the jay ate said cat’s food!

Comment by Channon 05.22.09 @ 6:36 am

Those jays are cheeky little beggars. they used to eat the peaches on my mom’s tree and she would get sooooo mad. Glad the feeder is jay-proof too!

Comment by Carol 05.22.09 @ 9:20 am

We think one of the local scrub jays or a blackbird broke a hole through ours.

Big hole in the acrylic towards the bottom. Silly birds.

Comment by Tiny Tyrant 05.22.09 @ 10:37 am

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