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Wednesday May 27th 2009, 5:13 pm
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imgp7668I got told to take some benedryl this morning and a massive dose of prednisone, which is a steroid, last night, prior to coming in for the CT scan, due to previously having had an allergic reaction to topical iodine. I wanted to argue with the radiologist that I’d been told by a doctor in the hospital, prior to a CT scan there, that iodine is a mineral and one cannot physically be allergic to it, only to what it’s mixed with.  But I decided, eh. Just make them happy. I took it.

Good thing.  Yesterday evening I’d been back to serious pain, holding my stomach to be able to walk down the hall.  Took the pred, went to bed… And although I was quickly wired to the max, the pain, I suddenly realized, was almost gone.

It was absolutely stunning. Pred has never touched my Crohn’s, ever, at any dose. They had me on 200 mg/day via IV in the hospital, and, nada.

I had a longstanding appointment anyway with my surgeon for right after the CT scan, and she was delighted.  “Different body parts sometimes respond differently to the same med, and you’ve only ever had Crohn’s in your colon before.”

She thought she saw a Crohn’s spot on the small intestine in the scan; the radiologist’s preliminary report didn’t think so or didn’t catch it.  Two pairs of eyes is a good thing. We’ll see how that settles out; as the surgeon cautioned, “I’m not a radiologist.” (Ed. to add: they talked, the radiologist went carefully over it again, and said no, it was normal. There is another test that could be run, but Dr. R will have to order it when he gets back.)

But there is now a definitely-maybe hope of being successfully treated. I can’t tell you how good that feels.  It’s not gone, but I’ll take all the improvement I can get.

Oh, and, I tried to knit my Monterey shawl during the long wait between the half dozen large paper cups of dye I had to drink and the actual scan, I really tried. But benedryl and no sleep and a complex pattern–I got about a dozen stitches into a row, shook my head at a mistake, couldn’t see what I’d done for the life of me–that’s when you know I’m drugged out–and tinked back to the beginning and stuffed it back in my knitting bag. I had carefully packed a spare ball of yarn and needles just in case, picked it up, and launched into a scarf in the Michelle shawl lace pattern.  Something utterly brainless, silk and merino comfort knitting to comfort someone else by.  So many people have knitted for me lately.  Time to get back to work on giving back.

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So glad you decided to take the prednisone. It must be such a relief when you start feeling better. I’m so sorry you have had so much pain.

Comment by Joansie 05.27.09 @ 6:26 pm

Yay! I am so glad you are feeling beter, even if it is a “definately maybe hope” – that’s better than the dread of what is it?

And, as a novice lace knitter, I’d like to point out that the Michelle shawl lace pattern is hardly brainless, just your personal brain-on-prednisone knitting. Under similar influence, it would have to be plain stockinette for me.

Comment by DebbieR 05.27.09 @ 7:16 pm

Silk and merino need no fancy pattern! Jsut the fibre itself is lovely. And a treat to knit while you are waiting and waiting….while stoned.

(hee couldn’t resist)

Comment by Carol 05.27.09 @ 7:16 pm

Very glad your pain has subsided . Knitting soothes most anything.

Comment by Sonya 05.27.09 @ 7:17 pm

I am still trying to comprehend where the pain may have been coming from?

Your comfort knitting cracks me up. The only knitting I’d be doing under those circumstances would be air knitting.

Comment by karin 05.27.09 @ 7:17 pm

I’m so glad to hear the prednisone helped! That seems like good news on several levels 🙂

Comment by Jocelyn 05.27.09 @ 7:35 pm

Such good news that you are feeling better! I’m very glad. I know prednisone wires you up and the drugs make you spacey–but being without pain for a while is a very good thing. I await your next post…I hope to hear things are improving. 🙂 Hugs from me over here in KY. (soon to be Winnipeg!)

Comment by Joanne 05.27.09 @ 7:45 pm

All in all, good news. Appropriate professionals, paying attention. Medicines being effective. Hopefully, a good night’s sleep after all that sedation!

Comment by Barbara-Kay 05.27.09 @ 9:01 pm

Your getting better (or at least feeling better) is the best comfort I could wish for.

Comment by Kelli 05.27.09 @ 10:10 pm

I am so glad the pain is better.

Comment by sherry in idaho 05.27.09 @ 11:27 pm

Life, indeed, is good! Wired is good…as long there’s no pain. 😉

Love the tongue-in-cheek/mindless-knitting so un-reality for me description.

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 05.28.09 @ 3:34 am

I’m all about no pain. After 18 months of chronic back pain (with this bout), I know pain can wear you down.

Your sense of humor continues to inspire me.

Comment by Channon 05.28.09 @ 7:07 am

I am so happy the prednisone worked for you! Having had more than my fair share of pain I can say with all certainty that stoned is far better than pain any day:)

Comment by TripletMom 05.28.09 @ 7:07 am

Glad the pain meds. are working this time around. Thank you for the lesson. Doing things for others is a powerful pain killer too.

Comment by Henya 05.28.09 @ 7:57 am

So glad you’re feeing better!

Comment by Eileen 05.28.09 @ 9:07 am

Know you are a little more back to “normal” when prednisone does what it is supposed to do. Sorry the staph is back – now when your other staff (Dr R) is back you will be in good hands.

Please give Don my wishes for a speedy recovery – I haven’t left him any more messages, but laugh with him almost daily.


Comment by Rena 05.28.09 @ 9:33 am

I’ve been following your blog for a while now, found it when someone else linked to you a few months ago. I have ulcerative colitis, but have been lucky & it has been fairly easily treatable so far. Prednisone has been a miracle drug for me, and the quickness of relief, like you said, is great. Hopefully it continues to work for you & you can continue on your road to full recovery!

Comment by Sydney 05.28.09 @ 11:07 am

YAY! Glad your into the “Life is Good” stuff too, I have a bunch of it in horsie and doggy designs.

Comment by Alicia 05.29.09 @ 1:17 pm

I hate prednisone! I had one of those pred packs
when I had gum surgery and I was awake for 5 days!
How can your body heal when you are wired for 5 days? why not just drink 500 cups of coffee?

Comment by susan 05.29.09 @ 7:03 pm

Benedryl could have assisted in the calming–it stops histamine troubles. *shrug*

Comment by Karen 06.03.09 @ 6:01 pm

Totally off topic, but I love the lace in this picture, and the red one up top of your page. Do you have it posted anywhere? I’ve been looking for just the right lace pattern for over a week now, and am so exasperated… Is it for sale, is it posted, would you take pity??? =)

Hope you’re feeling better,

Comment by Kari 07.17.09 @ 9:20 pm

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