Stanford scarves
Saturday April 11th 2009, 4:40 pm
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imgp7440Amanda, I totally guessed it: the nurse I expected picked out the scarf from the yarn you gifted me with in Vermont. The colors were just right.

I had an appointment at Stanford’s outpatient ostomy unit yesterday, and you know what I showed up with in my knitting bag, hoping again to get to see some more of my old nurses.  And I did.

The whole time I was knitting Amanda’s Huarache yarn I kept thinking how good it would look on A.  And now it does.  Cool.

Two other nurses chose their favorites, and the bright green still waits for P; they told me she’ll be in next week.

But what most delighted them was simply getting to see me walking in there and looking well.  It was fun watching the doubletakes, followed by the hugs in intense delight.  Seeing me well validates what their work is all about.  Seeing me coming back to show them I am well now validates who they personally are and how they go about their day as they do what they do.  They care. It shows.  In return, their patients really do care about them too.

So I’ve been picturing them wearing their scarves the rest of their shifts yesterday. Maybe someone asked them where those suddenly came from in the middle of the day. Maybe another patient decided that they might come back later to say thank you too, seeing how happy it was making their nurse.

Maybe. I don’t know. But, knitting as love made just a little more visible: I can hope.

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I think your gifts will do everything you hoped – and it certainly made their day! What a kind and thoughtful thing to do…and I’m sure it isn’t done often…which makes it all that much more meaningful to them… I think what you did was a wonderful, generous and very kind response – showing your gratitude for their hard work and care…and you just helped them feel that much better about what they chose to do with their lives…I’m touched too!
Best wishes,

Comment by Abby 04.11.09 @ 5:20 pm

oh I agree, what a wonderful lovely gift, your generosity is awe inspiring!!!

Comment by grace 04.11.09 @ 5:29 pm

They will think of you every time they wear it.
On a bad day it will raise their spirits.

Comment by Sonya 04.11.09 @ 5:49 pm

It sounds like you had a wonderful day! I can just imagine how those soft scarves were received. 🙂

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 04.11.09 @ 7:32 pm

“Seeing me well validates what their work is all about.”

Alison, your sentence suddenly reminded me of something that was said to me some 22 and a half years ago. Following my brain abcess, I was in physical therapy. I had noticed how generally cheerful these therapists were, as compared to nurses in hospitals I’d been to. One day I asked one of the therapists why she was always so cheerful. Her response: “Our patients get well.”

So it makes great sense to me that your nurses are so delighted to see you. And they deserve all the joy and happiness you bring.

Comment by Don Meyer 04.11.09 @ 9:11 pm

Like grace and Toni said, “Wonderful!” Happy Easter to all!

Comment by LynnM 04.11.09 @ 11:03 pm

Aw, that is GREAT! I’m happy it came out well. Did you get a picture?

Comment by Amanda 04.12.09 @ 3:56 am

Thank you. Your story reminded me of the return visits of two heart transplant patients, and the joy we shared in seeing them.

Comment by Barbara-Kay 04.12.09 @ 5:20 am

Yes!!! You stated the purpose of a nurse so beautifully. If you don’t mind, I think I’ll print that paragraph out and put it on the board in the breakroom where I “nurse”! They all will smile and nod yes. It is such a validation of a nurse’s care that a patient cares enough to come back and show how beautiful she looks all well and dressed up! Bless you for doing so. And Happy Easter to you and yours.

Comment by Kathy Sue 04.12.09 @ 6:01 am

You have such a giving heart:)(((((Happy Easter))) Darcy

Comment by Darcy 04.12.09 @ 6:30 am

Tangible thank you’s are always a good thing :-}
I can see them stroking the scarves when they think no one is looking, and I bet it helps them gain just a bit more energy to make it through another hard day of helping people who really need them.

Comment by Diana Troldahl 04.12.09 @ 9:49 am

Thank you for writing about this – I find it very inspiring for myself. I, too, can envision them stroking their scarves and marveling that someone would go to ‘all that trouble’, just to say “Thank you,” for work they love doing!

Comment by Jade 04.12.09 @ 11:28 am

Everyone loves to be recognized for a job well done and those nurses certainly deserve it.

Comment by Joansie 04.12.09 @ 5:54 pm

While I’m sure the sight of you was the greatest gift, those scarves will be a physical reminder for a long, long time. I’m sure it will whisper “Thank you” every time she wears it!

Comment by Channon 04.13.09 @ 8:02 am

oh yes. One of the best things is when a patient comes back and says “you helped”!

Comment by Carol 04.13.09 @ 1:22 pm

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