Friday January 30th 2009, 10:29 pm
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I am a bit to tired to try to be clever.  So just the facts, maam just the facts….

The surgeon considers the operation to be a success.  The colon is no more, and was really bad.  Technically things went better than expected.

Alison is in a lot of pain, and pushes the button every 10m for relief.  She was worried that it would run out, but think we got her to understand that 1)she can not OD on button pushes, and 2) They will keep it filled tonight.  They do not want her to be in pain at the moment.  I spent an hr in recovery kneeling at the side of the bed getting things done and holding her close.  She is bruised and battered, but hopefully will start to mend.

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Glad to hear that the surgery went well. Thanks for keeping us up to date, Richard.

Comment by Fae 01.31.09 @ 11:23 am

Good thoughts for a swift and complete recovery! XOXO Alison

Comment by Joelle 01.31.09 @ 11:54 am

The button is her friend! Do tell her nurse if the pain is not being relieved — the doctor can up the dose to an appropriate level for Alison. They will want her to be pain-free, and able to do the breathing exercises necessary to avoid pneumonia.

Hugs, but not where it hurts! (I remember my November abdominal surgery all too well.)

Comment by Barbara-Kay 01.31.09 @ 12:05 pm

Hang in there, Alison; we need you back!!! Hugs to you both and to the kids. You are all on our family prayer rolls!

Comment by Marnie 01.31.09 @ 12:15 pm

I am so glad the surgery went well!!! Please give Alison a big hug for me as you can and tell her she will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Comment by LDSVenus 01.31.09 @ 12:20 pm

the great thing about surgery pain is it gets better every day – Day #3 is the worst(the anesthetic seems to take a couple days to leave your body) and then things really start to improve. I’m sending good, healing thoughts to all of you.

Comment by Lene 01.31.09 @ 12:25 pm

Thank you for taking the time to post an update!

Prayers are still coming your way!

Please take care of yourself as best you can…

Comment by Suzanne 01.31.09 @ 12:26 pm

My prayers and hugs to all of your family. Alison is a special person and needs to feel good and not in pain.

Comment by Phyllis 01.31.09 @ 12:32 pm

I will continue to lift her before our Father in Heaven.

Comment by Renna 01.31.09 @ 12:34 pm

I hope Alison is resting well today. Pain meds really help. I hope she’s using them and doesn’t try to tough out any of it that she doesn’t have to.
*Hi Mom* *Hi Richard* Thank you for taking care of Alison so VERY well. Love to you all.

Comment by Karen 01.31.09 @ 1:18 pm

Praise God all went well in surgery! Rest well my friend, you push that button all you need to! Prayers going up for speedy healing.

This may not be the outcome you’d hoped for, but it seems that it’s the best one for you. He gave you wonderful surgeons to care for you. Now all you need to do is be patient with your body while it heals. {{{{{Alison and family}}}}}

Comment by Shelly H 01.31.09 @ 1:46 pm

My prayers are with you both.

Comment by KnittySue 01.31.09 @ 2:55 pm

Alison, heal well, sweet friend. Heal well.

Comment by sunflowerfairy 01.31.09 @ 3:26 pm

If prayers work as well as the button-pushes, Alison should be right as rain in the morning.

And prayers to you, Richard and Mom, and the surgeons and all, for taking care of her. Take care of yourselves, too.

Hugs to all!

Comment by Margo Lynn 01.31.09 @ 5:29 pm

So glad it got there, sweetie! (finally – took as long as a letter to Germany) Just one thing.. I didn’t take it. I did give money to the person who took it, if that counts? 😉

May the healing energies of the blue amaryllis help you get well fast.

Comment by Lene 01.31.09 @ 5:48 pm

All my best wishes and thoughts are winging their way to Allison and the entire family. Rest, heal, and get well soon.

Comment by rebecca jc 01.31.09 @ 6:17 pm

I’m so glad to hear that everything went technically better than expected and the surgery is deemed a success! That is wonderful news. I continue to keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. (((Alison))) Get well soon!
Echoing many others, thank you Richard for keeping us posted despite what must be your complete exhaustion.

Comment by karen w 01.31.09 @ 7:25 pm

I’m too tired to read and understand clever, but I do appreciate the facts.

I once awakened from surgery in so much pain I was having difficulty breathing. I learned then that the pain diminishes steadily over time.

I so hope this surgery reduces pain overall for Alison as much or more as my carpal tunnel surgery did for me.

Comment by RobinM 01.31.09 @ 7:35 pm

Sending healing, healthy thoughts your way Alison!

Comment by dharma 01.31.09 @ 7:37 pm

Thanks for the update… Alison and I have exchanged amaryllis photos… please tell her that I am sending her a cyber one…

Praise God the surgery went well…. I am praying for a quick recovery.

Comment by Mokihana 01.31.09 @ 10:25 pm

Great to hear, ::hugs:: to both of you!

Comment by Alicia 02.02.09 @ 3:11 pm

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