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Sunday December 28th 2008, 11:33 pm
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Two days of overthinking how to create the marvelous stupendous hat I was envisioning and not getting past a tentative cast-on: 13 just won’t go into 70, I’m sorry.

Today I looked at it and suddenly knew, okay, this works.  Plain and simple.  Enough of the kibbitzing–go.  Given that I was too ill to stay past the first meeting at church, then I needed something creative and I needed to be looking forward to making somebody happy: I needed the therapeutic effects of looking beyond myself, and thank goodness that such a solitary hobby lets love be wrapped into every stitch.

About five rows into it, looking at it, part of me suddenly wanted to pout, but that’s not how I thought it was going to look!  Yes, but this works.  Just do it.

Sometimes I have to create a thing once to look at before I can create it just so.  You need the experience to extrapolate from before making more progress.  There will be more than one hat.

I’m glad for the huge, medication-resistant Crohn’s flare I had five years ago–it helps me see that this one isn’t so bad. It also reminds me of how so much good came from it that I’m actually glad it happened.  There’s an example at the end of this post. It’s having it be in the past that was a part that I’d really liked, too, though.

Re the hat.  I find myself marveling that this design all fell into place so easily once I let go of how I was demanding it turn out.

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OOO…I want to see the hat!

Comment by Ruth 12.29.08 @ 12:08 am

I clicked on the link, which you posted before we became friends. *Great* post, and a true principle. There was a woman at work who was ever so difficult. I couldn’t understand what I had done to get off on the wrong foot with her. So I put her on the prayer roll, and whenever she ticked me off, I prayed for her. And then I learned that she lived with pain, every day of her life, and I was able to no longer take it personally, and by the time she retired, we had a civil relationship that was even occasionally cordial. Prayer and service really do change hearts!

Comment by Lynn 12.29.08 @ 5:06 am

Alison, I do pray you will feel better soon! You are stronger than Crohn!!!

Can’t wait to see the hat!

Comment by Joansie 12.29.08 @ 6:01 am

Hey, we’re both tuned into the hat wavelength this week! I too started a hat (in the post-Christmas-knitting blissful-lack-of-deadlines)… and it doesn’t fit me, a bit too small. But that’s okay, it will fit someone! Into the charity bag with it, and now I’ve got gauge to do one for myself :).

Comment by RobinH 12.29.08 @ 6:46 am

I can’t wait to see the proto-hat that has so much caring and creativity funneled into it.

Comment by LynnM 12.29.08 @ 8:33 am

There’s some weird phenomenon about being sick that makes you thankful. What strange partners. Feel better soon.

Comment by Michelle 12.29.08 @ 8:50 am

Picture toddler me bouncing up and down, trying to peer over something… I wanna’ see!!!

Comment by Channon 12.29.08 @ 9:31 am

“I find myself marveling that this design all fell into place so easily once I let go of how I was demanding it turn out.”

Thank you, Alison. I have stuff I’ve been muttering about, and this is just what I needed to remember.

Now – where’s the hat? 🙂

Comment by Linda W 12.29.08 @ 11:02 am

I wrestled with a hat just this morning. I think I was trying to show off my cabling skills to my baby brother, when what his head wants is to just be warm. After getting grumpier by the stitch with the cable pattern (and usually I enjoy cabling), I frogged that sucker, looked for another pattern and found a bulky squooshy ear flap hat I think he’ll love wearing.:-}

Comment by Diana Troldahl 12.29.08 @ 11:18 am

Give that Mr Crohn the boot. You have my permission.
And yes we want to see the hat!!

Comment by karin 12.29.08 @ 6:32 pm

It’s definitely time for the crohns flair to say goodbye and bow out. In the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying being able to see your daughter, son-in-law, and the cats keeping them busy.

Comment by Laura 12.29.08 @ 8:46 pm

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