Like a kid on a rainy day
Monday October 27th 2008, 7:39 pm
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So.  Finished two projects delayed by my flu.  Got halfway today through another one in the lineup.  I took breaks from the knittingknittingknitting (4620 stitches’ worth today–I think I need to get out more) to go check my email, and…

…Oh, wow, cool, Elann has some nice-sounding new yarns!  I want some of THAT and THAT, and THAT‘s one of my favorites, and it would be fun to try THAT and THAT out in my dyepot…  Okay, c’mon, calm down.  And then, hey, even better, there’s this and this!

Hang on. I already have some kid/silk yarn and some merino/silk and some baby alpaca/silk in my stash. And some Handmaiden.  There’s never enough Lisa yarn, but I’ll see her next week at Stitches East (2:00 Saturday. Signing books.  Come!)

There’s nothing like finishing a big project to make my brain want to run and go play with twenty-leven new yarns and ideas impatiently and all of them at once.  Right NOW!

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I know I want to buy more yarn although I have I told myself no starting a new project until I complete my urchin but I started a lizard ridge something I have wanted to do for along time:)Hugs Darcy

Comment by Darcy 10.28.08 @ 12:37 am

I hope you get a little bit of all that yummy yarn. Keep knitting,I love hearing that you have finished projects. I love the red shawl, it is very pretty.

Comment by Vicki 10.28.08 @ 3:19 am

You are such an enabler! I wish I could make it up to see you at Stitches, but it’s just a little far for me to drive.

Comment by niki 10.28.08 @ 4:21 am

Your enthusiasm is contagious. I just checked out all the links you posted and I am salivating. I want some of that baby alpaca and I want to knit the cowl shown on one of the links.

Comment by Joansie 10.28.08 @ 4:46 am

Alison, I suffer from SABLE. Really. My buy it now finger is twitching worse than Dr. Strangelove’s arm. I’ve been trying to avoid Elann for a couple of months now. I love their stuff and do tend to buy from them more than I do from Knitpicks. That superwash merino/silk blend is very tempting for those of us who like to fire up our dye kettles on a regular basis, and I must confess, I’m tempted by the seacell blend, too. Anything that even remotely smacks of ocean is powerfully attractive to me. Would be interesting to see how well it takes dye, eh?

I have a sweater I made from yarn bought from a Maine dyer who uses seawater in her dyebath. The yarn smelled faintly oceany the whole time I worked with it — heavenly! And when I washed it, I was shocked to find a line of grime around the rim of the washtub. thinking the machine might have done something to dirty the new sweater, I ran my finger over the grime and discovered it was beach sand! Some must have lingered in the fibers after dyeing. I bet there is still a bit left in the yarn! Fine with me — I’m landlocked in central Massachusetts, so I will take a bit of the sacred ocean whatever way I can get it. I even have a jar of oecan water from Maine and a dish of beach sand from Horseneck Beach in Massachusetts on display in my office, along with shells from any number of beaches, and beach stones I brought back from North Ronaldsay in the Orkneys a couple of years ago.

All God’s world is holy, but some places seem holier than others, depending on who you are and what part of creation draws you most powerfully. 🙂

Comment by Paula 10.28.08 @ 5:22 am

Oh! Which reminds me… I need to find a luxurious, non-wool for my best friend’s Christmas scarf. She lives in Texas but travels a lot, and last I knew, wool at her neck made her itch…

Comment by Channon 10.28.08 @ 6:24 am

When my world is spinning a bit out of control, I have a tendance to either 1: buy yarn or 2: buy books. And I have to tell you, this new kindle is making it soooooooooooo much easier to buy books. However, maybe I need to go stash diving – that would make me feel as if I was buy yarn because who knows what’s in there! I do have some green/black tweed – maybe, maybe…..

Comment by afton 10.28.08 @ 11:08 am

I get to see you in two weeks!!

My mom was laughing at me so hard because I was explaining to Lucy that she had to be a good girl and stay healthy so she could meet her Aunt Alison who was coming all the way from California just to SEE HER. Well, and visit her own kid, but blah blah blah. 🙂

Comment by Kristine 10.28.08 @ 11:33 am

Oh, yes, I most definitely understand that impulse!! I swear I spend part of each project that I am knitting thinking about what ten things I want to cast on instantaneously!

Comment by Jocelyn 10.28.08 @ 11:58 am

Those are some beautiful looking yarns! I’ve been trying not to look at yarns much online because Stitches East is coming right up. Lisa Souza Fat Bunny yarn…. I’m hoping to see that! Or at least learn more about it.

Comment by RobinM 10.28.08 @ 6:27 pm

*I am not going to check out yarn links, I am not going to check out yarn links…repeat from *

Comment by Carol 10.29.08 @ 1:06 pm

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