Don’t be chicken
Saturday August 23rd 2008, 3:41 pm
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A shawl impersonating a trussed chickenI finished it!  And I can’t really show it off yet, which runs totally counter to the instincts of a blogger, but never mind.  Don’t miss the caption–it’s true!

green beans as junk food?!

Continuing the food theme, I saw these and had to try them once. The idea of green beans being potato-chipified was well into the nonpsychodegradeable category.  Um.  Hubby, day one: “Gaack!”  Hubby, day two: “There’s some left?  Sure, I’ll have some more.”

Make sure there’s plenty of water nearby to help you swallow–trust me.

Meantime.  I told this story last month on my blog, but a lot of people at Purlescence’s knit night on Thursday didn’t know anything about it.  Mary was there for the first time in awhile, so I decided to tell on her generosity a bit and say what she’d done.  And I did want to know if her shawl fit okay.  I told her, if she wanted more length, she had the rest of the dye lot: after the shop had gotten their shipment in from Handmaiden, she had shown up that Monday morning to buy a new skein to replace the one she’d given me. I, not knowing that, had shown up an hour or two after her to buy two skeins to knit her a bigger shawl to replace, you got it, the skein she’d given me.  They’d sold out of the periwinkle fast.  Heh.

She loved it, told me it had been a complete surprise, and that it did fit.  Good! That helps confirm my idea that for a larger size, starting at a wider neckline (row 2 in most of my patterns) and adding length works best.

But the group laughed when I admitted I had two more skeins of Casbah somewhere and I couldn’t find them for the life of me. I knew I had them. I knew where I would have put them.

“You’ll just have to buy more!”

“Twist my arm!”

Next shipment… Maybe I should knit a shawl in the Blackberry colorway, long as we’re talking food here.

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Mmm…blackberries… That’s got to be a good colorway for anything!

Comment by Jocelyn 08.23.08 @ 6:55 pm

That puddle o’ shawl? Looked like a knitted chicken ready for the oven. Must’ve been the title.

Good to know I’m not susceptible to suggestions at all.

Comment by Lene 08.23.08 @ 7:17 pm

I forgot not everyone can mouse over it–sorry, Lene! Yes, when I went to put the picture into the blog post I suddenly realized it looked very much like a raw roast chicken.

Comment by AlisonH 08.23.08 @ 10:26 pm

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I haven’t seen the Casbah in person so I can’t say if the Elann yarn is similar. The fibers are listed in the same percentages on the labels however so they might be very similar.

Comment by Susan 08.24.08 @ 12:27 am

I agree about the raw roast chicken idea 🙂 Have you found the Casbah yarn yet?

Comment by Danielle from SW MO 08.24.08 @ 6:01 am

my husband would not eat chipified green beans – I can guarantee it. And this is a guy that will eat just about anything!

Comment by Sandra 08.24.08 @ 5:20 pm

A turkey was my first impression. Looking forward to more pics. Chipified green beans……well, not sure it would be on my grocery list. :>)

Comment by Joansie 08.24.08 @ 5:48 pm

*Dried* green beans? That makes no sense. They’re perfectly crunchy and tasty raw. Preferably with a little onion dip (I served them that way at a party, and they disappeared in seconds…of course there were teenagers present, so *food* disappeared in seconds…)

Comment by RobinH 08.25.08 @ 4:54 am

Thanks for posting. We had “talked” about Mary and her shawl you were knitting.I wondered how the gift fit. It was good to hear about the knitting group.

Comment by Barbara-Kay 08.25.08 @ 6:10 am

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