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Friday June 13th 2008, 10:55 am
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Constance shawl fixed

Now is it easier to see? The Constance shawl, after I listened to the galloping horse whinnying “Neigh!” Reknitting from the double-wound tube was enough of a tangle when I first picked it up yesterday that I knew I had to get past that point before I put it away in the ziploc again for the night. So I did, with no problems after that initial moment.

Nancy\'s penguin, Knitpicks Bare merino silk fingering weight in Jacquard navy

Nancy’s penguin trying to claim credit for the blue ocean of Bare yarn.

Diana trying on my mother-of-the-bride Camelspin-yarn shawl at Purlescence’s knit night last night. The pattern has memories of strawberry picking with my family, growing up, and the wide, flowing Potomac River knitted into its stitches. I have a tradition of always dipping a toe into the water along the banks of that river every time I fly home. Now I can take it with me without having to crash through the canoe. Diana modeling my mother-of-the-groom shawl

The pelicans we saw going to the post office yesterday.pelicans at the Baylands

“Is it fragile?” the clerk asked.

“Lemons from my Meyer tree for someone who misses California,” I answered her. She loved it.  We just hoped the box doesn’t start leaking juice before it arrives. We put it inside one of their all-weights-fits-one-price box (good thing!)

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One of my neighbors just got “married” this week. She was married 20 years ago wearing a tie-died t-shirt by a justice of the peace. Well, four kids later, her minister spoke about a “church blessing of a civil marriage.” It sounded dignified and meaningful, not like a silly wedding wannabe, so she decided to go for it, with all of her kids taking part. This morning I ran into her on my morning walk and she introduced me to her mother. “Ah,” I said, “Mother of the bride?” “Exactly,” she said, beaming. There are moments in a mom’s life that are always a blessing.

Comment by Laura 06.13.08 @ 12:09 pm

Oh, cool! Celebrating where life has taken them in the good choices they made in choosing each other back then. I like that!

Comment by AlisonH 06.13.08 @ 12:12 pm

Was Diana a King by any chance because she sure looks like she came from the same family tree I fell out of 😉

Comment by rho 06.13.08 @ 8:14 pm

Love your Potomac ideas, although I always think it looks sort of greenish. (I went over it in a car just a couple of days ago, in the panhandle of Maryland/West Virginia. It’s definitely still there!)

I am so looking forward to some drippy Meyer juice….oh, and the professor now has another option…in Winnipeg. So many opportunities. So little time to decide….

Comment by Joanne 06.14.08 @ 4:01 am

Meyer Lemons through the mail…That could be interesting esp if they get squished:-) Con stance looks loovely as does the Mother of the Bride shawl!

Comment by Danielle from SW MO 06.14.08 @ 5:37 am

Love both shawls, just gorgeous! I need some more pink yarn so I can knit one for me this time. That canoe story is so ‘me’, I can absolutely see myself being stubborn enough to do the same exact thing, and laughing at yourself is always a good adventure!

Comment by Elizabeth 06.14.08 @ 1:49 pm

Thank you for the peek at your blue Mother of the groom shawl! I love the pattern & the sentimental connections! The white one is gorgeous, too.

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 06.15.08 @ 3:09 pm

This is the one I want to make . . . the Constance shawl, the design looks like kites and my hubby and I met at what was scheduled to be a kite flying event . . . the wind never materialized but romance did after a while.

Comment by Shelly H 06.16.08 @ 11:50 pm

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