The second reception
Sunday June 01st 2008, 8:22 pm
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MomI have to show off my mom a moment. I wanna be like her when I grow up. (I’m amused that I get to invert the cliche of someone waving at the camera and going, Hi Mom! at the vast TV audience.)

Picture it, since I have the photo but don’t feel I can post it without asking–I got a wonderful shot yesterday of the small boy (maybe four?) reaching up and his great-grandpa, bent way over, reaching down, doing a “give me five!” together with great glee on both their faces.

I snuck in that photo of Kim yesterday in the time I had between helping set up the hall and the reception we held here for the newlyweds. Decades ago, the Catholic Church in Menlo Park (Kim’s mom’s family is Catholic) sold some land, including a few existing buildings, to the local Mormons. They kept the surrounding acreage and joked to our leaders, “How do you feel about being surrounded by Catholics?”

To which, I’m told, they were answered with a laugh, “How do you feel about having Mormons in the heart of you?”

The centerpiece of the property is a huge-trunked redwood that was honored as the best one in the city a few years ago. Both churches kept it for the treasure that it is, and it will grow on long after all of us are gone. It’s too big to fit in any one picture, and somehow that goes well with a wedding celebration.

We built our own church building, kept their cottage to house a genealogy library which is open for anybody and everybody’s use, and kept their reception hall. It’s a lovely old exposed-beam building with high ceilings and tall windows looking out on very old oak trees, and yesterday, that was where we celebrated.

It is also where our friends Conway and Elaine invited us to the wedding reception of their son fourteen years ago, where we first met another of their sons and his family–whose daughter is now in our family. Kim was ten.

In San Diego Friday a week ago, a couple who were friends of her parents sang, “Sunrise, Sunset” together, and everybody nodded yes at the “When did she get to be a beauty,” and laughed very much (he’s 6’9″) at the “When did he grow to be so tall!”

Richard and Kim

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How lovely – both your mother and the newlyweds. Was “S,S” selected with her beauty and his height in mind? It’s such a lovely song…

Comment by Channon 06.02.08 @ 5:39 am

Such joy and love.

Comment by Kristine 06.02.08 @ 6:04 am

They look fabulous! And Kim’s shawl is magnificent and suits her extremely well.

Congratulations on the expansion of your family!

Comment by RobinH 06.02.08 @ 9:42 am

oh you look so much like your mom – isn’t it great that she is so pretty and has such a wonderful smile and her eyes just twinkle with life, love and do I see just a tad of mischief perhaps? 😉

Comment by rho 06.02.08 @ 12:37 pm

Your mother is just lovely! Lots of personality, gentility, etc. is captured in the picture. 🙂
The happy couple look ecstatic. 🙂
Boy, have you been busy! When do you rest??

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 06.03.08 @ 10:06 am

Ah, that’s better – now I can see their happy faces. Nothing as cute as young people in love! The shawl’s gorgeous – do you think a knitting MIL was part of the reason she married your son? 😉 Your mom’s wonderful – you can see her good soul in her smile. And you look just like her!

Comment by Lene 06.05.08 @ 4:10 pm

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