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Tuesday June 10th 2008, 11:16 am
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You\'re wondering why I\'m calling this meetingGotta love that skylight view through the bathroom. A cacophony of crows indeed: they added their touch to the day.

Two toilet removals, many hours, much mopping, much laundering and folding of towels on my part and $634 later, the deed was done.

This morning my shower backed up. Could have been worse.

Michelle missed all the excitement yesterday, and went out to dinner with her friends almost as soon as she got home from work. So much for the easy way out for the rest of us: I hit the wall in the middle of cooking dinner with my mother-in-law, went in the other room and quietly told my husband that if I stood on my feet one more second I was going to barf. Which is what happens when I overdo. He’d had a long day too, but he instantly leaped up and took over, bless him.

I was far too tired to even knit.

I had gotten out the leftover brown rice and the Chinese hoisin sauce to go with the stir fry, hadn’t found the sesame oil, looked in the fridge, had seen the giant jar of pineapple mango salsa from Costco and thought, well, we gotta eat it sometime, and since I didn’t use sesame–I’d dumped half of it in. The more the merrier. Fruit. It’s good for you.

Richard went in the kitchen where the veggies were cooking away and the meat was ready to go in. Grabbed the hoisin sauce, cooked the meat, threw the rice in with the rest. One pot. Done like dinner.

And didn’t understand the funny look on my face when he presented it at the table in a color I wasn’t expecting.

Actually, it was surprisingly good.

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Our family had a strange confluence (effluvium?) of sewer events a few months ago. All in the same week my folks, myself, and two of my 3 brothers had to have work done.
The oddest part was that everyone but me called someone in the family to flush their toilet in triumph.
I flushed my toilet in triumph too, but kept it to myself.

Comment by Diana Troldahl 06.10.08 @ 11:37 am

Oh honey, what a time of it you’ve had!
I hope your plumbing calms down soon!
Re: dinner… sounds like something I’d do and I’m not at all surprised that it was good.
I hope you get your needed rest… that healing rest.

Comment by marianne 06.10.08 @ 1:35 pm

Feel better Alison. I tend to go white as a ghost when I really overdo it (imagine in-laws and my parents meeting for the first time 2 days before my wedding – Almost got rushed to the ER I scared everyone with my color so bad).

And no barfing. I’ve had enough of that today. 😉

Comment by Tiny Tyrant 06.10.08 @ 3:20 pm

To tired to knit??? That is bad. I sure hope you feel better soon. At least the weather is trying to be nice (albeit overly hot!)

Comment by Allison 06.10.08 @ 11:30 pm

I do hope you’re feeling better!

Comment by Amanda 06.11.08 @ 2:56 am

Alisonn please be careful especially with the sewage and wter that over flowed. The Funeral Home had alot of Black Mold growing due to the pipe barfs that happened. With your disease it could make you very sick and none of us esp me want for that to happen 🙂

Comment by Danielle from SW MO 06.11.08 @ 6:07 am

Hooray for Richard! My husband loves to just toss things together when he cooks, but gets very frustrated when it isn’t a success. *I* get very frustrated when it *IS* a success, because he can never duplicate his efforts.

Comment by Channon 06.11.08 @ 6:31 am

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