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Tuesday June 24th 2008, 10:37 am
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Wait, Karin, here’s another lesson for you. I put down the hairdryer and went and blogged all that, came back in the room awhile later, and I’m not quite sure what the time lapse was, and it was still morning, butBlue Sky Alpaca Silk, Monterey shawl, Constance template.

Let me say first in my defense that I am hearing impaired, that I am normally very careful because I happen to know that about me; there was a fan going on in the background that was hard to hear over. When I checked the shawl again after my blogging, it was hey! Bone dry now! Cool!

Maybe cool wasn’t the word. The shawl’s temperature was slightly warm. Wait a minute…I went to check the hairdryer, and burning my hand, dropped it fast. I unplugged it immediately as I realized I’d left it on the lowest setting that whole time rather than clicking it all the way to off, that I hadn’t been able to hear it was still going. The air being blown was only barely warming–no problem to the shawl. But the motor was well overheated.

Um. Oops.

But that first semi-blocking gave me the information I needed to know about how much it would stretch out, and it talked me into knitting another repeat of the pattern, so I’m glad I did it.

Risking burning down the house, not so much.

The work is done, the shawl is blocking, none the worse for any of that, I checked it this morning and even all spread out like that, the thing was still damp.

I glanced a thought towards the hairdryer, and thought, not on your life.

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Ahh, that sounds like something I would do. hehe Extra points for not burning the house down, though. 😉

Comment by Sarah 06.24.08 @ 11:18 am

Did I ever tell you that my old professor realized she’d lost her hearing when she burned three separate tea kettles into slag while waiting to hear the whistles?

She started heating her tea water in the microwave instead.

Comment by Kristine 06.24.08 @ 11:54 am

Oh my goodness.

Though this is not quite as bad as the lady who also shops at my LYS who washed her yarn in hanks and wanted to speed the drying process by putting it in a hot oven.
Baked her yarn.
Singed the outer layers, which she then proceeded to cut off.
Then brought the leftovers to the shop to see if anything could be salvaged.

I think you lucked out in that the shawl is safe (and thank goodness, so are you).

Comment by Karin 06.24.08 @ 11:57 am

Yikes, Alison! Glad you didn’t burn the house down! Now wouldn’t that be one for the headlines, but seriously, I’m glad you’re alright.
Box fan. That’s what I use. low setting. :^)

Comment by marianne 06.24.08 @ 12:18 pm

I’m not quite myself today. I can’t help mentioning, however, that my late husband had difficulty hearing. If he had shirts that needed ironing, he wanted to iron them himself. The iron is kept in the basement. One day I was instructed to use a special iron switch (that had magically appeared on the ceiling). The iron is plugged into the switch which has a leetle light that’s a part of it. When I turn the iron on, the light comes on. And of course, when I turn it off…You know…. even if you have excellent hearing it’s quite difficult to tell about that iron: on or off, if you just go by the iron’s indicators themselves whatever they are. Brilliant. An indicator that you don’t need to listen for. I have no clue where one finds such switches, but I do have a reliable source of such info.

Comment by RobinM 06.24.08 @ 12:18 pm

I don’t feel so bad. More than once i have turned the water in the kitchen off, sat in the dining room next door and thought,”my tha trefigerator is loud”. Yup, didn’t turn the water all the way off. apparently running water sounds alot like my fridge throught the hearing aids…..Flip side, I have thought I didn’t turn the water off and it was the fridge. Oh the joy of hearing impaired living….

Comment by Carol 06.24.08 @ 7:59 pm

No harm, no foul. 😉

Comment by Channon 06.25.08 @ 5:44 am

I can understand the hearing thing tho I’m not nar as bad on that side as some. I’ve had some hearing loss since I was a little kid and to this day still have some difficulty understanding things said to me if the person is facing away, in another room etc. I’m glad you didnt burn down the house and also that your shawl came out good! 🙂

Comment by Danielle from SW MO 06.25.08 @ 5:50 am

My teakettle is a hand-me-down from my parents because it doesn’t have a whistle. The original whistle was very annoying, and so my dad took it off.. but as his hearing got worse, he couldn’t hear it boil anymore and would forget it. So they got another teakettle with a whistle, and I inherited this one. Which I am pretty careful about not leaving unattended, for obvious reasons! (But I can see and hear the stove from the living room so it’s not like I have to watch it boil.)

Now the iron and the space heater- they’re different. I have a firm and unbreakable rule that they are off and *unplugged* before I leave the room.

Comment by RobinH 06.25.08 @ 6:55 am

well, that could have been bad. I have a love/hate relationship with blowdryers. I need it in the morning so I can look halfway decent for work. But ever since one went crazy and started shooting flames out while in my hand, I’m a little wary of them…

Comment by Sandra 06.25.08 @ 9:27 am

Oh no! I’m glad you’re okay and that the house is still in one piece!

Comment by Momo Fali 06.25.08 @ 10:40 am

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