Identical twins
Wednesday April 16th 2008, 8:23 pm
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I’m writing this post as a message hopefully long into the future for two of my sister’s sons. This blog is, in many ways, my version of Randy Pausch’s book, having had an it-could-kill-me-tomorrow-and-nearly-did-yesterday disease for 18 years now. A friend of mine once remarked to me that the best gift a person could be given is a life-threatening disease and then to keep on living, and I would add, and to do so quite happily at that.

Same plant, same stem as the other flower

Speaking of Randy, I was watching his video about a month ago and my Richard came home from work, looked over my shoulder, and marvelled, “I know that guy! I sponsored some research at Carnegie Mellon, back at DEC…” Small world. Randy, if you see this, our prayers go out for you, your family, and your doctors, and I’m grateful for how you live your life.

Okay, back to the nephews. My sister and her family were visiting here from Atlanta back when those boys were four and a half, ten years ago. They are identical twins. I, being the doting aunt type, took lots of pictures of all her kids and gave Anne copies.

Anne looked them over–Chinatown, the redwoods at Muir, Stinson Beach, you know, got to get all the good touristy spots done–and she got this big wicked grin on her face, went over to the twins, and asked them, “Which one of you is in this picture?”

“Spencer,” said Spencer, in a tone of, like you even have to ask, Mom?

“TREVOR,” said Trevor, in a brotherly tone of, boy am I going to set YOU straight, dude.

“See! *YOU* can’t tell you apart! Now you can’t get mad at anybody else!”

And now, since I tend to see the world in wool or amaryllis, I want to show you guys: someday, one of you is going to get sick. It happens. It’s an ordinary part of the process called living. And the other one of you will wonder when that same Mack truck is going to smack you broadside too.

See these flowers in these two pictures? Born on the same stem, on the same plant. Identical twins. Do they have the same number of petals? Do they curl the same way? Are they even the same color? Do their stems bend the same degree? (Notice that I had to get under the first one to shoot it, while I could stay above the other.)

Trevor. Spencer. You have identical genes. Not outcomes.double-flowered amaryllis, I forget which variety

(p.s. See those azaleas in the background? The nursery promised me they were all the same purple variety, cloned from the same original stock. I think rather those were fraternal twins at best, what would you say?)

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How many of those gorgeous flowers do you have anyway? I am picturing you living in a greenhouse lol.

Comment by Lisa 04.17.08 @ 5:04 am

You have the most beautiful flowers. Anything that grows here is all due to my hubby. I love seeing your azaleas.

Comment by Sonya 04.17.08 @ 5:40 am

Thanks for that message. I have my mother’s body–I wore her wedding dress and it fit me perfectly–and sometimes I hate that. Her body failed her utterly and completely. I find myself resenting the parts of me that echo her.

Comment by amy 04.17.08 @ 5:51 am

Aren’t twins fun? I have identical twin cousins. In high school, they’d swap up so the one good in English could take the exam for both, while the good in math twin did the same. Now, you’d know they’re sisters, but you’d never guess they’re identical twins.

Comment by Channon 04.17.08 @ 5:57 am

I love “since I tend to see the world in wool or amaryllis.” That will be singing in my head all day.

Comment by Linda W 04.17.08 @ 7:25 am

Your Flowers as always are Beautiful!! My sister had 2 sets of Identical Twins in her class from K until 12th grade. Watching them as they grew up was fun, by the time they hit Graduation you could tell the girls apart. The boys, as far as I know to this day, (they are 33) you cant tell em apart and they still like to play the I’m not who you think I am game 🙂

Comment by Danielle from SW MO 04.17.08 @ 10:00 am

True, so true!! The flowers are beatiful, all!!

Comment by Toni 04.17.08 @ 5:57 pm

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