I herd it through the grapevine
Wednesday April 09th 2008, 1:00 am
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A skulk of foxes

A cacophony of crows

A screech of gulls

A charm of hummingbirds

A prickle of hedgehogs

An inflation of alpacas (possibly from the equivalent of tulipmania that happened in the US in the late 80’s, when their exportation out of South America was so tightly controlled? I’m totally guessing here)

A bored of directors (the ones that forgot to bring their knitting)

A surety of surgeons (yes, in fact, I did make that one up, even if it’s a malapropracticism. Okay, that was to make Sid Schwab laugh.)

An am-barrassment of amaryllises

amaryllis forest

And we will not speak of the yardages of yarns, nowaynohow.

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What beautiful flowers! I love word “games.” Thanks for broadening my horizons this morning.

Comment by Channon 04.09.08 @ 5:39 am

Thank you for the morning giggle :-}
I think I’ll call my stash a ‘tangle’ of yarn.
My amaryllis decided not to bloom this year. That’s ok, she’s worth watering until she does next winter.
I DO love my new windowsill, even now the flowers are coming up outside.

Comment by Diana Troldahl 04.09.08 @ 7:46 am

speaking of”not speaking of yardages of yarn”…I have more on the way, good thing Brian is such an enabler 🙂 I still need to find the perfect yarn for a couple of your shawls. Love your book!! The shawls and storys go together perfectly!

Comment by Danielle from SW MO 04.09.08 @ 7:48 am

Oh so beautiful!! Amaryillies galore!!
I see your resident expert has struck again. 😉

A veritable dictionary you are. 🙂

Comment by Toni 04.09.08 @ 7:55 am

It did give me a ladle of laughs.

How about a henckel of surgeons?

Comment by Sid Schwab 04.09.08 @ 8:18 am

Oooooh. Gorgeous amaryllises! And great pun. I *heart* puns. 🙂

Comment by Romi 04.09.08 @ 8:38 am

When you started your list, I immediately thought of “an embarrassment of yarn.” What to do think?

Comment by Melanie Zahara 04.09.08 @ 10:39 am

When you started your list, I immediately thought of “an embarrassment of yarn.” What to do you think?

Comment by Melanie Zahara 04.09.08 @ 10:40 am

My favorite is, A crash of rhinoceroses.

Gives a certain image, doesn’t it? 😉


Comment by Liz 04.09.08 @ 10:48 am

This is why people drive on parkways and park on driveways, isn’t it? :)!

Comment by Joanne 04.09.08 @ 11:55 am

And we will indeed not speak of the yardages of yarns. I’ll second that!

Comment by RobinM 04.09.08 @ 1:16 pm

In the Christmas song, “Oh Come, all ye faithful” there is a verse that instructs, “Sing, choirs of angels.” I has occured to me that a Choir of angels is a very suitable collective noun.

Comment by Laura 04.09.08 @ 3:06 pm

The top of that mirror, by the way, is 41.5″ above the top of the counter.

Comment by AlisonH 04.09.08 @ 4:32 pm

Another random word fact: bosom is not a body part, but a unit of measure, related to a fathom. A fathom is the distance from finger-tip to finger-tip. A bosom is the area that can be encircled by your two arms. It was used for measuring sheaves of wheat and barley. Now, a bosom is useful for measuring the number of relatives at a family reunion (Gosh, I must have been hugging people for half an hour–twenty bosoms of relatives) or perhaps for measuring Alison’s yard stash. (Forty bosoms of yard in that closet!)

Comment by Laura 04.09.08 @ 7:18 pm

Honey, I ain’t touchin’ that one with a ten-foot Pole. Or, in my case, Swede or Brit or Scot.

Comment by AlisonH 04.09.08 @ 7:24 pm

a stunk of skunk?

ok I am tired and I am redoing the project that was 10 inches along – so you have to give me points for coming up with anything 😉

Comment by rho 04.09.08 @ 8:07 pm

After having to identify the two rodents the cat brought in last night, I can add a labor of moles to your list. You’d think they’d at least have called it a “labor union” or something. 🙂

Comment by Toni 04.09.08 @ 9:25 pm

That’s only if the CIA has them starting to pay their dues.

Comment by AlisonH 04.09.08 @ 10:23 pm

Excellent – love the word play – my ears are happy. Wish I was clever enough to play along. I’ll enjoy watching from around the tree as always – smiling. Jan

Comment by Jan 04.10.08 @ 8:12 am

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