You’re not the boss of me
Monday February 18th 2008, 1:37 pm
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Lene’s amaryllis and Richard’s rosesOh yeah? said the yarn. I am too.

I finished up the shawl in Lisa Souza’s El Dorado heftyish kid mohair/silk, a mix of the Julia and Constance patterns that I’d been hoping I could get ready for Lisa to hang in her booth at Stitches West this weekend. Done. I had two projects in mind to try to get done quickly after that, both of them with the best of intentions.

Lisa Souza’s El Dorado yarn in SapphireI have had a hank of Silkie balled up, waiting its turn, now was its turn, I knew exactly where I kept it, and why on earth couldn’t I find it? I spent a fair amount of time yesterday searching for the silly thing. I knew just who I wanted to knit it for and I wanted it done!

Royale Hare “Fitch Mtn. Frost” colorway

While I was searching my stash, this single, rather short ball of mohair that I’d bought from Karen at Royale Hare at Stitches a year ago leaped out at me. I tried to ignore it. But it assaulted my needles, beat my inner schedule up, and dragged me into knitting my Zinnia scarf pattern out of it. The color pattern is awfully busy for that zinnia, but it absolutely refused to be anything else. Flower power rules!

Yeah, my yarn bosses me around like that. What, doesn’t yours?

I just wrote this, thought, but it’s GOT to be in there!, walked in the other room, opened that bag again and searched for that Silkie where I’d searched over and over yesterday, and there it sat beaming innocently up at me. The scamp. Hide and go seek. Ollie ollie in come free!

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LOL 🙂 So far *crosses fingers* I havent fought with my yarn yet…..guess I just jinxed myself.

Comment by Danielle from SW MO 02.18.08 @ 2:27 pm

Oh do I know that story! I firmly believe in Serendipity (doodah) and other fairies.

I have started working the ‘Constance’ rows on my shawl for Susan.
I’m thinking of adopting your technique with the shower stitch pattern, and some fingering weight for Courtney. (a newly dear friend in her 20s with lupus, three kids, full time job, and various other life-stressors)

Comment by Diana Troldahl 02.18.08 @ 2:42 pm

I had a cone of yarn do that to me today too. Looked and looked. I think I checked that bin 3 times. It was there the 4th though. sigh

Comment by Mary 02.18.08 @ 4:09 pm

Bad yarn! No, GOOD yarn – I can’t stay mad at youuuuu. . .yes you are so soft and lovely – come to momma!

So, do you talk to your yarn?

Comment by Pam 02.18.08 @ 6:28 pm

Ah, regional dialectics! In SE Iowa, my childhood home, it’s “Ollie, ollie, outs in free”.

Glad the lost was found…a yarn-lover’s rewrite of the parable, eh?

Comment by Barbara-Kay 02.19.08 @ 7:19 am

In Nevada it was “Ollie, ollie, ox in free.” At least that is what it sounded like.Dad

Comment by Lawrence Jeppson 02.19.08 @ 8:29 am

My yarn actually gets up at night and ties itself into knots, DH says he’s seen it! 😉
PS thanks for your lovely comment on my new granddaughter.

Comment by Susan 02.19.08 @ 11:33 am

my yarn hides on me too — and here it is “oxen free” too – although yours makes more sense

beautiful projects 😀 as always

Comment by rho1640 02.20.08 @ 10:12 am

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