The ocean for Lene
Monday February 11th 2008, 7:36 pm
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Lene’s shawlWhen Purlescence got a shipment of Blue Moon’s Silkie merino/silk in last month, I went through their basket and dithered between the turquoise and the purple colorways. Turquoise or purple. I love purple. But, for reasons I couldn’t put my knitting fingers on, the turquoise is what came home with me.

When it was just an unkempt blob of stitches on my blog, Lene commented how much that turquoise reminded her of her beloved ocean that I knew was so much a part of her growing up in Denmark. What she didn’t know, was, I had spent over a year wishing she would let slip somehow what colors she liked best.

She’d sent me that amaryllis and I had her return address. Heh.

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Oh how fun! I hope she loves it! I actually laughed right out loud at your “Heh!”. I love a good surprise. Woo hoo!

Comment by Lisa 02.11.08 @ 8:42 pm

It’s lovely–I’m sure she’ll be thrilled.

It’s such fun to be sneaky! 🙂

Comment by Toni 02.12.08 @ 6:28 am

You Sneaky Devil You!!! That is gonna be an absolutely beautiful shawl for her and sure to keep her shoulders warm and her heart glowing! Will keep an eye out on her blog for the post where she has received such a sweet gift fro m a loving friend!

Comment by Danielle from SW MO 02.12.08 @ 7:51 am

The colors just swirl! I’m sure she
will be thrilled.

Comment by Sue H 02.12.08 @ 8:55 am

It is so beautiful and what a thoughtful thing to do…I’m not sure which is more fun…to be the one surprising or the one surprised. 🙂 Best wishes to you both.

Comment by Abby 02.12.08 @ 9:43 am

The turquoise is beautiful.

Comment by Karen P 02.12.08 @ 1:43 pm

It is absolutely fabulous and I’m madly in love. Just in time for Valentine’s Day. 😉 Thanks so much!!

Comment by Lene 02.12.08 @ 9:15 pm

How beautiful it is1 such a lovely colour. I am glad lene finally let slip!

Comment by Vicki 02.13.08 @ 12:36 am

Now *that* is absolutely lovely!!!

Comment by Romi 02.13.08 @ 8:19 pm

the shawl is beautiful, both pattern and yarn. what is the pattern? i just ordered your book!

Comment by marcy 02.14.08 @ 8:53 pm

The pattern is oh goodness let me think, it’s a one-off… I started off with I think it was the smaller Water Turtles shawl, or at least one of the ones with a 6+1 pattern, and then when I got down to the main body I substituted in Barbara Walker’s Diamond Mesh lace pattern from one of her stitch treasuries, which is a 12+1, after carefully checking the math to make sure I’d get a complete set of 12 at both edges.

Comment by AlisonH 02.14.08 @ 10:00 pm

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