Saturday February 16th 2008, 6:21 pm
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Kepler’s Books in Menlo Park CAIn the world of the independents, Oregon has Powell’s Books, northern California has Kepler’s. I have for twenty years aspired to write a book that Kepler’s would want to have on their shelves. But when I talked to them over the phone a few months ago, they said they would only special order it upon request, which, when a bookstore is dealing with a first-time author they’ve never heard of before, is pretty standard.

Monday, I took a copy of my “Wrapped in Comfort” to show it to them in person. I mentioned the large first printing last June and that it had gone into a second printing last month; I mentioned the September story that talked about a gathering-together at the city hall plaza in Palo Alto. Clark Kepler asked, “A local story?” to confirm.


His bookbuyer took my copy off to an Employees Only area to look it up on the distributor’s site, after I handed it to him with my fingers on the September page. He was courteous and polite as he took it, and when he came back, quite a few minutes later…

…he greeted me with the warmth of an old friend. He told me what a beautiful book it was. He said those shawls were works of art that ought to be hung on the walls like how they were pictured at full spread in the book. He assured me Wrapped would be in stock by the end of the week.

The Peace shawl in redThey had no idea the gift they’d just given me. That they’d just fulfilled a deeply-held aspiration of so many years of my life. They will not only carry it, but the one fellow who has looked it over so far is glad that they will. Now, at last, I can truly say I feel like a real writer.

Thank you, Kepler’s. Long may you prosper.

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Congratulations on realizing yet another dream!

Comment by Niki 02.16.08 @ 6:43 pm

That is so wonderful – congratulations!! 🙂

Comment by no-blog-rachel 02.16.08 @ 6:55 pm

How wonderful! congratulations! I am thrilled for you. I am going to keep dreaming. You keep proving to me that dreams come true!

Comment by Vicki 02.16.08 @ 7:33 pm

This is just SO exciting… I’m happy for you, Alison!

Comment by Amanda 02.16.08 @ 8:25 pm

Congrats! You deserve it! Your book is lovely and they did the right thing for them as well! T

Comment by Tammy Morrow 02.16.08 @ 11:38 pm

Oh, congrats, Alison. Doesn’t it make you feel grand to achieve such a goal? So wonderful!

Comment by LizzieK8 02.17.08 @ 5:54 am

Oooh, I have goosebumps!! That is WONDERFUL. Congratulations!

Comment by amy 02.17.08 @ 6:40 am

How awesome is that!? I’m so happy for you, dear. *hugs*

Comment by Ren 02.17.08 @ 7:39 am

Hearty Congratulations! When my DH was a boy, you reached “manhood” when you could jump over the peony bush in the front yard. You, my friend, have cleared it by 6″!

Comment by Barbara-Kay 02.17.08 @ 8:01 am

Congratulations!!! Its always wonderful to hear that a friend is realizing their dreams!
Have a Wonderful day 🙂

Comment by Danielle from SW MO 02.17.08 @ 9:26 am

That’s awesome – quite an achievement! Keplers has to be one of my favorite places on earth…

Comment by Jenny L 02.17.08 @ 12:50 pm

Congratulations, Alison. Isn’t it the best feeling when something you’ve always wanted and visualised comes true? I also applaud you for “moving your feet” – for taking the book into Kepler’s. Good for you. You inspire me.

Comment by Linda W 02.17.08 @ 3:03 pm

Speaking of goosebumps. I was flipping through the new KnitPicks catalogue for the twentieth time, when a gorgeous shawl on the cover of a book caught my eye. Excited, I went to Ravelry and checked out the patterns in the book… they all look divine, and clever as heck… I love the way they drape! I just placed an order for your book, and I wait quite anxiously for it’s delivery… I have such plans for those gorgeous patterns!!!

Comment by Susan 02.17.08 @ 4:11 pm


Comment by Diana Troldahl 02.17.08 @ 5:21 pm

Congratulations, Alison. I’m so happy for you!

Comment by Abby 02.17.08 @ 6:16 pm

What great news! Congratulations Alison!

Comment by Lisa 02.17.08 @ 8:43 pm

of course we all know how wonderful your book and shawls are but whoo hoo on them realizing it too — I am sitting here with happy tears in my eyes for you Congratulations and another WHOO HOOO!!! 😀

Comment by rho1640 02.17.08 @ 10:06 pm

Congratulations! I can imagine how sweet that must be. Not to mention the fact that you’ve opened more eyes to the beauty of knitting.

Comment by AmyS 02.18.08 @ 6:14 am

Hurray! Good for you, bringing it into the store. Good for the bookbuyer, who had the smarts to recognize why your book deserves to be stocked. Great for the folks of Northern California, who will now have access to your words. 🙂

Comment by Joanne 02.18.08 @ 10:36 am

I am so glad that it worked out for you, I have been drooling over my copy ever since it arrived!!!

Comment by grace 02.18.08 @ 6:53 pm

More wonderful news! Keplers! Congrats. Dad

Comment by Lawrence Jeppson 02.19.08 @ 8:36 am

Wonderful news, Alison. I’m so happy for you!

Comment by LynnH 02.19.08 @ 11:21 pm

That is *awesome*! Congratulations!!!

Comment by morenna 02.20.08 @ 5:50 pm

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