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Sunday January 13th 2008, 5:38 pm
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(Sorry for the wrinkled-towel background; it was the color I needed, and for today it has to do.)

I have a nearly-finished silk scarf for my daughter I need to get done and mail, but it’s staying safely inside its ziploc bag and away from me, germ free. I have a shawl I want to photograph before I mail it off, and, ditto. Even if other people don’t get Crohn’s flares when they catch a bad cold, it’s still a bad cold.Orenberg handspun and Kid Seta

Today is the first day I feel like I could actually hold up the needles for awhile, meantime, and the knitting bug is getting to me. I wanted to show something: in person, the Kid Seta (the bigger ball) and the Orenberg handspun “kidd/silk” from Russia are a little bit off from each other, the one more to the brown side, the other more to the vivid pinkish-purple. But knitted together, they’re absolutely stunning. They were so made for each other.

I bought the Kid Seta from Warren at Marin Fiber Arts last summer while I was doing my second booksigning. I adore Warren. Every yarn store owner should be like Warren, not only as kind a soul as you could ask for, but his yarns! Chosen by how good they feel, as far as I could tell: wonderful. At the time, I just bought two balls, thinking I’d do a scarf or two, nothing major, a souvenir of my coming to his shop. But every time I went to go work with it, it just felt like, nah… It hadn’t found what it wanted to be yet.

My friend Margo Lynn totally surprised me with the gift of the Orenberg about two weeks ago, just to make my day, which she very much did. I pulled out Warren’s yarn, curious, and instantly knew. Yes! This is what it had been waiting for!

Neither yarn alone had enough yardage to do a shawl, but together they could. I thought, let’s see, I got two shawls out of 1000 yards of Lisa Souza’s fluffy Kid Mohair (the turquoise Julia shawl in the book), and the second one was pretty long, at least for me. Two balls of 230 yards of the Kid Seta, and the label says 50 g and approximately 600 yards on the Orenberg–yeah, that’ll do. I’ll just have some Orenberg left, that’s all.

It’s not working out that way. Handspun is of course variable, but the Orenberg appears, calculating by the weight of what’s left of the Kid Seta, to have been about 350 yards long. But oh, such gorgeous yards. And yet–I think this thing will still be long enough to keep me happy. And I’m thinking that silk has a tendency to stretch over time, which couldn’t hurt. I’m just glad I’ve got a scale in grams so I can see if I can get one more row, and another, out of it, and one more after that. I’m so close to being done.

Design-wise: I chose the smaller-stitch-count Julia to try to stretch the yardage as far as possible using 7mm needles, but past the yoke, I ditched the Julia stitch pattern for a different 6+1, doing the pattern from the main body of the Michelle shawl from there instead. I’ll show you when it’s blocked.

I can’t wait to see!

Okay, I think I’m ready for a nap. Knitting later.

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I’m glad you’re feeling better enough to knit. Hopefully the rest of your recovery is swift. xo

Comment by amy 01.13.08 @ 5:55 pm

I hope your recovery is smooth and without incident. A compromised immune system is really such a hard thing to deal with.

I love the color and can’t wait to see the scarf blocked. It looks so delicate.

Comment by Kathy W 01.13.08 @ 7:00 pm

Feel better! That’s a gorgeous color scarf. Hope it meets all your expectations.

Comment by Joanne 01.14.08 @ 7:13 am

Glad you are feeling better! Good luck on the rest of your recovery. I second the above comment in that I cant wait to see the scarf finished and blocked!

Comment by Danielle from SW Missouri 01.14.08 @ 7:13 am

The yarns are beautiful! Love the color(s)!
Glad you’re feeling better…that was terrible.

Comment by Toni 01.14.08 @ 10:03 am

Good to hear you’re feeling better. I’m still laughing at your husband’s insistence that you will NOT be knitting. I do the same thing. If I don’t bring my knitting, it’s guaranteed I’ll be waiting. Of course, I’m always waiting, I just don’t notice so much w/ my knitting.

Comment by Jocelyn 01.14.08 @ 11:11 am

Warren really is a terrific yarn store owner. I think we’ll schedule a road trip up there… after Stitches!

Comment by Jasmin 01.14.08 @ 11:54 am

Glad you are feeling better. the shawl is a great colour. I am inspired to combine yarns! I never do, no reason why I shouldn’t Can’t wait to see the shawl blocked. Warren sounds great, too far for me to come and check out his store, if I am ever in th States I will!

Comment by Vicki 01.14.08 @ 3:51 pm

I am glad you’re feeling better….well enough to knit AND blog!

Comment by Karin 01.15.08 @ 7:25 pm

Gee whiz…Did you have to have that link to the beautiful yarn? Man, I gotta quit clicking on them. 🙂 The scarf looks great and I hope you are getting over your cold.

Comment by Tracy J 01.20.08 @ 9:17 pm

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