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Sunday December 16th 2007, 6:04 pm
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The phone rang about a half hour ago, and my husband took off.

When my folks announced they were selling the house in Maryland they’d lived in for 45 years or so and moving to downtown Salt Lake City, my first reaction was, huh? But seeing their beautiful new home this past week, I could see how perfect a move it has been for them. And this is the view out their new windows (click on it for best effect). Very nice.Salt Lake City, Capitol Building

It surprised me that, although it snowed a bit I think every day we were there, it didn’t feel that much colder than here in California. I’m used to it being a bit chilly and wearing two layers of wool around the house, but then, we have big picture windows too, and cold winter fog rolling over our own mountains nearby.

Which means there is a family standing outside, shivering as the firemen have been doing their best.

Red Cross dispatcher, hoping one of the volunteers was available to respond, asking for Richard. House fire. Would he go?

From the warmth of our home, how could he not?

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That is a beautiful view from their window. I have never been to the Rockies, only flew over once, but was cloudy.

Hope things fare well with this fire. Such an awful time of year for that… not that there is a good time.

Comment by Amanda 12.16.07 @ 6:59 pm

I too hope all works out well for the family having to deal with the fire. I wish for more people like you and Richard who help others without a second thought!

Comment by Vicki 12.17.07 @ 12:23 am

My brother Kelly Miller is a Fire Fighter from Quincy, Michigan (an all volunteer force covering almost 200 square miles) I am so proud of him :-}

Comment by Diana Troldahl 12.17.07 @ 7:32 am

I am also very thankful for our local volunteer fire dept, for even tho they are not in the same county as us they respond to our fires too. It is so refreshing in this day of “taking care of ourselves only” to hear about others who routinely sacrifice their own comfort to help those in need. Thank You to your husband and all those who do this on a regular basis

Comment by Danielle from SW Missouri 12.17.07 @ 10:01 am

How could he not indeed! Thank the Lord for folks like your husband.
Wow, the view from your parents house is wonderful.

Comment by Toni 12.17.07 @ 1:36 pm

My stepmom’s brothers are both volunteer firemen, and so was my ex-stepdad (all in the same small town). They told some crazy stories, and we were all used to them getting called in on Christmas and Thanksgiving and Easter every year.

I think the damp cold of a foggy winter is colder somehow than a drier snowy winter. That damp cold goes to the bones.

Comment by Carina 12.17.07 @ 5:25 pm

We all owe a lot for our volunteers. Thank goodness there are so many giving people out there.

Comment by Tracy 12.18.07 @ 1:04 am

The view is awesome! As I almost burned down our kitchen yesterday and was fortunate that I was able to extinquish the mishap, I am greatful I didn’t have to call the fire department!

Comment by marti 12.18.07 @ 1:47 pm

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