Friday September 14th 2007, 11:48 am
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So. Sunday night we got an email from Dave, familiar to those who’ve read my book as Dave-and-Wanda Dave. He was going to be in northern California on business and wondered if he could stop by Thursday night for a visit on his way back to the airport? Well YEAH! I asked him if he would mind going and asking Wanda her favorite color?

Note that the original shawl I knitted for her was in a color that was a total guess on my part. Blue is a pretty safe bet for most people, but there are all kinds of blues. White would have been good, too, but at that particular point in my life I couldn’t bear to knit any more white stitches for awhile.

Purple, he emailed back a few minutes later.

I did not have enough purple yarn in the right weight. And every single store in the Bay Area that sells Blue Sky Alpacas AlpacaSilk (which is an exquisite yarn) was going to be closed Monday. Every one. My stash and I were on our own.

I had some lightweight baby alpaca and what was once a full pound of Jaggerspun Zephyr silk/merino (thanks to my friend Karin, who used to own The Periwinkle Sheep.) Together, those would give me close to the same weight, and I could dye it when I was done. I did have purple dye in the stash. And so, as I blogged, the race was on.

I showed a picture of some of those rows I frogged. What I didn’t say was that after that I made another brainless mistake and had to frog it again. So I started 11 pm Sunday night, but in effect I might as well have started Monday.

I alternated knitting with icing my hands and was able to keep on going, hour after hour, Monday all day, Tuesday all day, then Wednesday I was the speaker at a lupus support group meeting and didn’t get to my needles till mid-afternoon. At about 7:30 pm the shawl came out of the dyepot.

I figure, Wanda knew what I was up to the moment she was telling Dave purple. And that’s fine. I love the way the silk in the Zephyr took up the dye a little more slowly, and so came out a little lighter than the baby alpaca and the merino fibers: it shimmers against them. I love it. White is nice, but purpleifying it broughtDave! out the best in it.

And I got to give it to him in person. That is SO cool.

(Now, did anyone get my visual pun on that metronome? Given what Dave did for us in the story I wrote in the book, I had to reference the piano while anticipating his coming.)

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Yeah, I noticed the metronome. Flashbacks of piano lessons, there, I tell ya. LOLL*O*V*E the purple shawl. Wanda will love it too. My most favorite color always. Even when I try to make another color my favorite, I always come back to purple. (Although fuschia is always a close second…)

Comment by karen w 09.14.07 @ 6:03 pm

He looks so happy you would think it was for him!

Comment by Sonya 09.14.07 @ 7:35 pm

Wellll… You almost could say, it was! He was thrilled. And he got to be the one to take it home to make her happy with.

Comment by AlisonH 09.14.07 @ 8:19 pm

Hi Alison. I made a comment about you in my blog. There’s even a little something written in English for you there if you scroll down. Have a great weekend!http://monnah.blogsome.com/2007/09/15/stickar-ni-ocksa/

Comment by Monica Bernpaintner 09.15.07 @ 4:36 am

I got the pun right away. And we all know I’m not the quickest one on that stuff! ha ha…

Comment by Amanda 09.15.07 @ 5:18 am

You are a knitting goddess! I am finally catching up on some of my Boglines and I can’t believe how quickly you knit up this wonderful shawl! AND had time to dye it! It takes me months to knit a basic stockinette sweater. I bow before your speediness.

Comment by Carol 09.15.07 @ 8:39 am

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