If at first you don’t succeed, make it a pattern
Saturday May 05th 2007, 3:21 pm
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Last night, he hadn’t said anything, so I figured yonder blogminder hadn’t read the blog. So I opened the conversation as we sat down to dinner, with, “My pet gopher died today.”

You should have seen his face! “Your *WHAT*?!!!?”

And then we quickly moved on to other things. I’m posting these amaryllises in memoriam to the little animal. Richard did make a comment that had me suddenly realizing that the gardeners who come for maybe an hour a month happened to have come Tuesday, and they’d probably poisoned it. I once caught them spraying weeds between me and the neighbors, and I’d made it clear, I thought, that there was to be no poison in my yard. I guess they didn’t think that applied to gophers?

What I had been going to blog about yesterday before it showed up and acted cute was a tutorial on how to chop off lace without screaming and running. I had this project in Kidsilk Haze and Merino Oro that I’d started off doing, the Crohn’s flare had wiped me out, I’d put it down for most of a week and then when I’d picked it up I’d continued it *in the wrong pattern* without noticing until it was almost to a finished length. And then it suddenly hit me what I’d done. Oh my.

I was spending too much time outside in the sun yesterday, something I really can’t risk, which is one of the reasons I grabbed the kid and we went to Karen’s shop instead. While we were there, I mentioned about the goofed project and how I was going to just cut it off two rows before the change and undo it backwards just a bit from there and then cast off that end. When you’re frogging backwards, you have to pull the yarn through the last stitch in the row every time, which is a very good reason not to unravel the whole section in one uninterrupted strand.

Another customer in there immediately responded with an idea that should have been obvious to me: “Make it a pattern!”

I thought about it: she was right! The scarf was not quite long enough to call it done; all I had to do was repeat that beginning section at the other end. The midsection was similar enough anyway that a non-knitter might not even ever notice.

And now that I’ve done exactly that and liked it, the funny thing is that I’m sitting here debating which yarn and needles to repeat the whole scarf with to make the contrast show up more. It needs to be a denser knit. I like it!

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Mmmmmmmm. Those lemons made some *nice* lemonade. 🙂

Comment by Romi 05.05.07 @ 6:30 pm

My knitting teacher used to say “A mistake repeated is a pattern”….

Comment by Amanda1 05.06.07 @ 4:31 am

And it’s funny how often a mistake can generate something that turns out really cool, isn’t it?

Comment by AlisonH 05.06.07 @ 2:09 pm

I like it too. How clever you are.
Thanks for the response to my post at Knitlist. I do the blogs frequently but somehow I haven’t been here for some time. Gotta do this more often you are so creative.

Comment by Ahrisha 05.07.07 @ 12:24 pm

I’m sorry to hear about your gopher! 🙁

The pattern switch idea sounds much nicer than having to rip back or perform surgery. I love what can become of mistakes once the right attitude is adopted.

Comment by KT 05.07.07 @ 2:27 pm

Thank you. And it’s wonderful how someone else can say just the right thing to make the lightbulbs go off–it’s such an obvious fix and it hadn’t even occurred to me.

Comment by AlisonH 05.07.07 @ 3:42 pm

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