Blogger has lupus
Wednesday March 21st 2007, 12:17 pm
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Last night my husband was posting a link to my book on Amazon on my website, while I was in the other room working on the taxes. I pulled up a window to check how he was coming along, and–hey! Where’s the other photo on my blog entry?

Turns out Blogger had inserted “local host” on it, meaning it showed up on the one computer and nowhere else. Richard fussed with it and couldn’t get it to go up; he finally added the tilted car photo with the wet flower petals all over it, and warned me it had taken him an hour to get that one to work. And he’s a software engineer.

Yeah, well, so, I should have listened. Today, I thought, hey, I have an easy answer to that, and simply re-loaded the photo to Picasa, which is the photography arm of Blogger.

Blogger has lupus. It’s rejecting itself. I got to where, in the drafts, I had his tilted picture and my correct one, side by side, ready to publish. Phew. Now just edit out the tilted one.

And that is when it decided it didn’t want my photo now. Matter of fact, it rejected the whole post. I will take a deep breath and try again later. (But you *can* go order my book from my site now! Not that I’m hinting or anything.)

Edited to add: okay, tried again. It will let me post it with the tilted car but not the other one. Weird.

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Can I help?

Do you know a smattering of HTML? I always edit my blog in html…and I use only basic tags. The image and centering tags are basic and easy. Enclose an image using this tag: img src=”” using the less than and greater than jobbies around the tag. If you want them centered enclose the image tag using this : center /center (enclosing “center” in those bracket jobbies as well) You take the power out of Blogger’s hands. If you upload (ftp software is free) your images to your own host or a hosting site such as photobucket, you can bypass blogger that way as well. The image upload tool on blogger is too finicky for my liking.

Personally I use blogger for it’s template and organisation of my archives and that’s it–oh and comments–although no one uses mine ;).

Good luck–if you need help I am a short click away.

Comment by Birdwell 03.22.07 @ 12:58 pm

No, but the resident geek does. I will hand this to him, and thank you. Much appreciated. We do have ftp, I know that much. Thanks!

(And those days when he thinks I should know more than I do, I smile sweetly, point out the raw fleece over there, tell him he’s seen me do it often enough, his mom taught him to knit when he was 10, he did it, he should remember how, and that I want a blue Aran, thankyouverymuch. That usually rescues us both with a laugh.)

Comment by AlisonH 03.22.07 @ 2:38 pm

Oh, and–to whomever it was that found my blog via a google search for lupus: if you come back, and if you see this, I’ve had lupus for 17 years and would be happy to help with anything I can., formerly the Bay Area Lupus Foundation and now called the Lupus Foundation of Northern California, has a wealth of medical information available. What I can tell you is how it is to be raising kids while dealing with the whole thing. Mine were 2, 4, 6, and 8 when I was diagnosed 17 years ago, and we all turned out fine.

Comment by AlisonH 03.22.07 @ 2:42 pm

I’m glad to have helped! And thanks for complementing my kids…I am glad they’re putting a smile on someone’s face. LOL. I’ve got rascally climbers!

Comment by Birdwell 03.22.07 @ 5:29 pm

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