Ring around the rosies?
Saturday November 25th 2006, 8:00 pm
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Yesterday morning I went with a couple of friends to visit our favorite potters, Mel and Kris Kunihiro, at a show in San Jose. Got home, got the hubby, got in our own car, and turned around and drove north and over the Golden Gate. As we went around Mt. Tamalpais, I mentally waved hi at my favorite author, Rachel Remen, who lives up there somewhere; I’ve met her. She’s as wonderful in person as she is in her writing. And then, on to the party.

Cajun sweet potatoes are definitely the way to go, and I want to know how they did that. Maybe a lace scarf bribe would help? Good food, good people all around, good times.

It wasn’t till we’d been home awhile that I noticed. I’d known for awhile that it was probably going to happen at some point. I’d lost weight, it had gotten awfully loose, and at some point yesterday my ring went flying off. (I can only hope it didn’t clog the sink at my husband’s boss’s house.) I have not the slightest clue where or when it went, only that I’d had it on in the beginning of the morning.

I’m not much of a jewelry person, but I liked that one: four turquoises, the birthstone of both me and my mother, one to symbolize each of my kids. Sterling silver, which stays bright and lovely only if you keep it shining by paying attention to it–I thought that was a good way to symbolize a relationship. It was my substitute for my wedding ring, back when the IV steroids had puffed my hands out so much that I couldn’t wear the original anymore. The steroids proved useless, and I never have to take them again. But I was in the habit of wearing that turquoise ring by then, and that was fine with Richard, so, for over three years, I did.

San Jose to San Rafael. There is no way to know. All I can do is hope that it’s in good shape, wherever it is, and that whoever finds it loves that handmade piece as much as I do, and that it fits them. That would be so cool.

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When I was sixteen years old, I had this necklace charm in the shape of a dragon. Nothing fancy, just a cute little guy that I wore all the time on a leather thong. I was sixteen, what? 🙂 Anyway, one day it dropped off my neck and disappeared. Vanished. Searched high and low, inside and out, for a full thirty feet around where I’d been standing when it fell. Nothing.

Two years later, it reappeared in my jewelry box for a day. I was creeped out, but happy; I loved that little guy.

And then, a few days later, he was gone again.

I often wonder who else loves him.

Comment by Kristine 11.26.06 @ 3:45 am

You have met the Yarn Harlot, you have met Rachel Remen… big sigh… can I follow you around for a while?
And, what happened to the story about the Thanksgiving Turkey, toast and jam? Or did I only imagine you wrote it?!

Comment by Anne in Wy 11.26.06 @ 1:32 pm

Oh Alison, I am sorry you lost your beautiful ring but I admire your spirit for realizing you have the memories forever. If it doesn’t return to you by some miracle, may the person who does find it enjoy the beauty.

You’ve met Rachel Remen? I love her book – Kitchen Table Wisdom. I must have read it a dozen times and each reading brings new insight and hope.

Comment by Mary Anne 11.26.06 @ 3:51 pm

My apologies, I started writing a post the other day, and had all kinds of fits with the new version of Blogger; pictures were blocked, posts were disappearing. The only thing that got through I wasn’t too happy with, because I felt it reflected my frustration in Blogger’s direction, and I later deleted it. It wasn’t your imagination, Anne, it was there before.

My hubby finally sat down and figured out how the new blogger wasn’t playing with our server, and hopefully it’s fixed.

Comment by AlisonH 11.26.06 @ 5:39 pm

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